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Look for the Quality Mark because it looks after you…

Only the Bord Bia Quality Mark means that food has been produced to the highest Bord Bia quality standards and you know where it comes from. This is because it is independently checked at every stage. So by looking food with the Quality Mark when shopping, you can rest assured that it will look after you and your family.

Who can use the Bord Bia Quality Mark?

Currently, there are over 52,000 producers and 120 processors and packers certified members across all the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Schemes. They are inspected regularly before they can be certified and allowed use of the Quality Mark.

What are the quality standards behind the Bord Bia Quality Mark?

In addition to meeting legal requirements, farmers are audited against a range of standards including animal health; welfare and traceability; water and feed; pasture management; environmental management and farm safety.

In addition, some of the main requirements for processors and packing plants include product identification and traceability; inspection and testing; hygiene and good manufacturing practice.

Where will you find the Bord Bia Quality Mark?

You will find the Bord Bia Quality Mark on the following products from members of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Schemes: pre-packed beef, lamb, pork, bacon, cooked ham, rashers, turkey, chicken, duck, sausages and burgers. You will also find it on eggs, fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

Food Safety

Food Safety Authority 

The FSAI has the primary responsibility for controlling the safety of food.  It delegates some of its functions to other bodies such as the Health Services Executive and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, but it retains the final responsibility.