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Quality Assurance Schemes

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Producers can check their certification status by entering their producer herd number. The links to use are as follows:

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Bord Bia provides quality assurance schemes for the following product sectors: beef, lamb, dairy, pigmeat, poultry, eggs and horticulture. Bord Bia aims to have all schemes accredited to international norms, specifically EN45011. Quality assurance plays a fundamental role in promoting food and horticulture and provides the platform for consumer promotion of product quality.

The primary work of the quality assurance division is to develop new standards, improve existing standards and ensure the timely and efficient auditing and certification of members to each of the scheme. Safeguarding the integrity of the schemes requires continual review and systems improvement particularly given the increased utilisation and recognition of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance logo.

Quality Assurance Scheme – Edible Horticulture

The promotion of quality standards within the edible horticulture sectors is a key activity for Bord Bia. This programme assists the horticultural industry establish, maintain and develop quality assurance standards in order to sustain consumer confidence in fresh produce and satisfy the requirements of the various market outlets. Quality standards have been developed and inspection and certification systems established for producers, packers and preparers of produce. Quality schemes have also been established for mushroom compost and casing manufacturers. The quality assurance programme activities for edible horticulture include the development of standards (including benchmarking against other standards), training programmes for participants and the annual quality awards scheme.

For further information on the Quality Assurance Schemes and a copy of the relevant standards please contact Tina Leonard on 01 6142234 or

Beef & Lamb Scheme Standards & Application Forms 

Beef and Lamb QAS Producer Manual

Download:  PDF Icon(454KB 1 mins:6 sec @56K)

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Meat Processor Quality Assurance Standard 

Meat Processor Quality Assurance Standard 2014

Download:  PDF Icon(855KB 2 mins:5 sec @56K)

Retail Butcher Assurance Scheme - Standard & Application Form 

RBAS Application Form July 2013

Download:  PDF Icon(25KB 3 sec @56K)

RBAS Standard

Download:  PDF Icon(382KB 55 sec @56K)

Egg Scheme Standard 

Egg Packing Centre Standard

Download:  PDF Icon(304KB 44 sec @56K)

Egg Producer Standard

Download:  PDF Icon(601KB 1 mins:27 sec @56K)

Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme 


Download:  PDF Icon(329KB 48 sec @56K)


Download:  PDF Icon(1MB 3 mins:16 sec @56K)

Poultry Scheme Standards 

Poultry Producer

Download:  PDF Icon(434KB 1 mins:3 sec @56K)

Pig Scheme Standard 

Pig Scheme Standard

Download:  PDF Icon(958KB 2 mins:20 sec @56K)

Horticulture Quality Assurance Scheme Documentation 


Download:  Word Icon(121KB 17 sec @56K)

HQAS Producer Standard.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(449KB 1 mins:5 sec @56K)


Download:  PDF Icon(453KB 1 mins:6 sec @56K)


Download:  PDF Icon(382KB 55 sec @56K)