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This page displays only a cross-section of recent marketing publications. Please consult our publications search to search ourĀ full catalogue of publications, alternatively e-mail for assistance.


Gluten Free in Ireland - Storybook April 2017

Download:  PDF Icon(8MB 20 mins:36 sec @56K)

Consumer Insight into Gluten Free Market in Ireland

Download:  PDF Icon(5MB 11 mins:20 sec @56K)

Keeping it real - March 2017 Update

Download:  PDF Icon(4MB 8 mins:57 sec @56K)

Local Food - Understanding Consumer Attitudes

Download:  PDF Icon(26MB 1 hr:5 mins:56 sec @56K)

Understanding consumer awareness of Irish eating apples

Download:  PDF Icon(6MB 14 mins:4 sec @56K)

Understanding consumer perceptions of Irish stawberries

Download:  PDF Icon(9MB 23 mins:31 sec @56K)

Bringing Consumers Back to Pork

Download:  PDF Icon(28MB 1 hr:9 mins:21 sec @56K)

How to use Packaging as your Silent Salesman

Download:  PDF Icon(8MB 18 mins:47 sec @56K)

Ageing Well and baby Boomers in Ireland

Download:  PDF Icon(6MB 15 mins:50 sec @56K)

Yoghurts in England

Download:  PDF Icon(6MB 15 mins:8 sec @56K)

Sugar what does it mean today

Download:  PDF Icon(7MB 18 mins:8 sec @56K)

Global Meat Trends

Download:  PDF Icon(4MB 9 mins:28 sec @56K)

Craft Beer and Microbreweries in Ireland 2016

Download:  PDF Icon(602KB 1 mins:28 sec @56K)

UK Organic Market Report 2016

Download:  PDF Icon(3MB 6 mins:20 sec @56K)

Opportunities in the Cakes & Pastries Category

Download:  PDF Icon(18MB 43 mins:44 sec @56K)

Yoghurts in Ireland

Download:  PDF Icon(13MB 33 mins:33 sec @56K)

Boxed Chocolates Study ROI and UK

Download:  PDF Icon(5MB 11 mins:52 sec @56K)

Travel Retail - Qualitative Study

Download:  PDF Icon(2MB 5 mins:19 sec @56K)

Travel Retail - Quantitative Study

Download:  PDF Icon(2MB 4 mins:16 sec @56K)

The Irish Consumer 2015

Download:  PDF Icon(6MB 15 mins:10 sec @56K)

Future of the Global Seafood Industry

Download:  PDF Icon(11MB 27 mins:)

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Consumer Lifestyle Trends 

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Busy Lives

Download:  PDF Icon(16MB 39 mins:34 sec @56K)

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Health & Wellbeing

Download:  PDF Icon(12MB 29 mins:29 sec @56K)

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Personal Value Seekers

Download:  PDF Icon(15MB 37 mins:24 sec @56K)

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Responsible Living

Download:  PDF Icon(11MB 27 mins:16 sec @56K)

Consumer Lifestyle Trends 2015 Shared Experiences

Download:  PDF Icon(9MB 23 mins:13 sec @56K)

Irish Foodservice Reports 

2016 Irish Foodservice Directory

Download:  PDF Icon(2MB 5 mins:31 sec @56K)

2016 Irish Foodservice Channel Insights.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(1MB 3 mins:27 sec @56K)

Quick Service and Food-to-Go Insights 2015

Download:  PDF Icon(3MB 6 mins:22 sec @56K)

Irish Foodservice Channel Insights 2014

Download:  PDF Icon(955KB 2 mins:19 sec @56K)

Irish Foodservice Market Directory 2015

Download:  PDF Icon(2MB 5 mins:15 sec @56K)

Irish Foodservice Market Directory 2014

Download:  PDF Icon(3MB 6 mins:14 sec @56K)

PERIscope 2015 - Full Reports 

PERIscope 2015 - Summary Reports