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Publication Types

From here, you can hopefully get to whatever type of Bord Bia 'publication' you are seeking.

Visitors to the Industry Services section are most likely to be interested in the Bord Bia Marketing Publications - typically reports on markets around the world, how Bord Bia sees them developing and the opportunities they may present.

Bord Bia does publish other document types which are accessible via the links below and are also accessible from other parts of the site that we consider are more appropriate for such documents. They are:

  • Corporate Publications - this section contains publications about the organisation Bord Bia such as its Annual Reports and planning documents such as Pathways for Growth. These titles are also listed in the About Us section of the site as they are intended for visitors interested in the organisation behind this site.
  • Industry Commentaries - this section contains Bord Bia commentaries on the export performance of Irish food products including specific titles on Meat & Livestock. This is intended for people interested in the Irish industry and its progress and therefore it is in the About Industry section of the site.
  • Conference Presentations - this section contains presentations or other proceedings of events which while run by Bord Bia, were delivered by speakers from another organisation and therefore their presentation is not deemed to be a Bord Bia publication.

You should consider using the Publications Search feature if you are having difficulty identifying a specific title or contact us for more information. If you are looking for something that does not belong in any of these categories, you could consider using the Advanced Site Search feature.