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FoodAlert - Capturing Key Trends in the Global Food and Drinks Market

 New Product Development and Packaging Trends update from Bord Bia 

Article Date: 04/03/2011 


Tom Collins, Strategic Information Services, Bord Bia

We are pleased to announce a new initiative for 2011 with the introduction of a monthly FoodAlert review of new packaging innovation and packaging trends from products from around the world. 
This initiative aims to inform and inspire Ireland’s Food and Drink industry hoping to stimulate fresh thinking and solutions in our domestic market. Identifying the latest trends can help companies to be more outward-looking, future-focused and consumer driven while acting as a catalyst for new thoughts and ideas.

The first of the series focuses on the latest packaging innovations in the beverage industry.

Novel cholesterol lowering juice
Marks & Spencer (UK) has launched a new Super Juice drink which claims to help health-conscious consumers to lower their cholesterol. The Red Grape, Blueberry and Blackcurrant Super Juice, is boosted by the addition of PromOat, the oat beta glucan soluble fiber ingredient from Swedish company Biovelop AB.

The new drink, which clearly communicates to consumers its cholesterol-lowering properties on-pack, contains 0.75g of oat beta glucan per 300ml serving. This provides consumers with 25% of the 3g daily intake of oat beta glucan recommended by the FDA and EFSA for the reduction of cholesterol and subsequent maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

The UK was the leading European market featuring products with a “heart health” positioning in 2010, with 92 launches, however this was dwarfed by the 642 launches recorded in the US.


Probiotic used in chocolate milk
Natural Discoveries LLC (US) launched what they claim is the first probiotic chocolate milk product, MojoMilk, via a viral video released on YouTube and Facebook. The company plans to use social media to gain consumer fans.

MojoMilk is claimed to be the first probiotic chocolate milk mix delivering 10x the active probiotic cultures of yogurt and 60% less calories than the leading chocolate milk. MojoMilk includes the patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30, which is “clinically proven to boost immunity and help improve digestive health.”

Dairy drinks are still the second largest application area for products featuring a “probiotic,” with 245 new products tracked in 2010. Only the yogurt category (343) featured more launches.

Grolsch re-launches low alcohol beer
Stender, a popular low-alcohol beer that Grolsch originally launched in the Netherlands in the early 90s is back, offered in the characteristic green Grolsch bottle with a new flavour. From mid-March Stender 0.5% will be brought back to the market, offering beer lovers a new and flavourful low-alcohol beer.

The secret to the product is the new yeast species that Grolsch use in the process which naturally stops the production of alcohol during the fermentation process without intervention of the brewers. This is special because normally when brewing non-alcoholic beer, the natural brewing process is interrupted to get rid of the alcohol.

The brewers of Grolsch are now able to make a beer with an alcohol content of 0.5% to brew according to the traditional natural brewing process, resulting in the preservation of all the aromas and taste characteristics of beer.

An additional advantage of Stender is the low calorie content. The beer contains only 19 kcal/100ml in comparison to beer which typically contains 41 kcal/100ml and soft drinks contain 37 kcal/100ml.

Pernod Ricard launches new Ricard bottle
Pernod Ricard has launched the new Ricard bottle, redesigned for the first time since its creation in 1932. The group has unveiled a new design for the Ricard bottle by a British company, in an attempt to boost sales. Described as a “daring metamorphosis” by the Ricard company chairman Philippe Savinel, the new design aims to refresh the heritage pastis brand.

Over the last few months, the company has launched new products, including ABSOLUT Elyx, the brand’s new super-premium version, ABSOLUT Wild Tea, ABSOLUT Watkins, and the first “deluxe whisky” with Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute.

Rainforest Cola launches in Rexam SLEEK cans
Rainforest Cola (US) is promoted as a unique 100% natural, antioxidant soft drink with real cola taste that is the first of its kind, carving out a new category in the beverage industry.

Available in 12 oz. Rexam SLEEK cans, it features an exclusive blend of beneficial ingredients sourced solely from the Rain Forest, including acai, green tea, ginseng, guarana, stevia, natural sugars and kola nut containing a mere 30 calories.

Rainforest Beverages reportedly chose to launch their inaugural product in the Rexam SLEEK can because it delivers brand differentiation and helps the beverage stand out on retail shelves. In addition, the company wanted to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by utilizing the most recycled beverage package in the world.

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