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 Pizza, most loved by Norwegian consumers 

Article Date: 16/01/2009 

pizza package 

Frank Murray, Scandinavia Manager, Bord Bia

With the second highest GDP per capita in the world, Norwegians have high personal spending power and enjoy convenience foods. As a country Norway has the world’s highest per capita consumption of both frozen pizza and microwave popcorn. More than 5 kg of frozen pizza is consumed per head each year. Frozen pizza is considered a national dish by nationals and immigrants alike.

Since 1980 Stabburet [Orkla] has created a huge demand for pizza in a protected market under monopoly-like conditions. In a mature and already very large market, the sales value of frozen pizza increased by 8.8% during 2008. Stabburet is the dominant player with a 78.6% market share but in 4 years Dr. Oetker has increased to 14.2%.

The total Norwegian market size is valued at € 160 million. Retailers in Norway are acutely aware of the money they can make from pizza sales and as the rewards are good, they are interested in exploring new pizza brands and concepts.

For further information email: frank.murray@bordbia.ie

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