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 The latest Brew Crew 

Article Date: 27/05/2011 


Stephanie Moe, Small Business Team, Bord Bia

Craft brewing has been slower to emerge in Ireland than some other traditional brewing countries. An initial emergence of craft brewers was evident in the 1980’s and 1990’s but many didn’t survive. The Franciscan Well, Carlow Brewing Co and the Porterhouse have all survived from this time and have been joined in recent years by a growing number of new brewers. The craft beer sector in Ireland is an increasingly dynamic one with the last 2 years seeing the addition of another 5 breweries. The following 13 brewers are currently active on the domestic market, with a number also seeing growth in a number of export markets.


  • Breweyed, Offaly
  • Carlow Brewing Co, Carlow
  • Dungarvan Brewing Co, Waterford
  • Eight Degrees, Cork
  • Franciscan Well, Cork
  • Galway Hooker, Roscommon/Galway
  • Messrs Maguire, Dublin
  • Metalman, Waterford
  • Porterhouse, Dublin
  • The Bay Brewery, Galway
  • Trouble Brewing, Kildare
  • West Kerry Brewery, Kerry
  • White Gypsy, Tipperary


The success is beginning to stretch beyond Irish shores too….The Porterhouse Brewing Co’s latest bar has opened in recent months, in downtown Manhattan! Carlow Brewing Co have been selling to the States for some time now but are also exporting to numerous markets on the Continent as well as Scandinavia, Russia end even Ukraine. The fact that such Irish microbreweries are able to thrive alongside such international multi-brand portfolio giants such as Heineken and Diageo clearly reflects a growing global demand for authentic craft beers with unique character. But it is certainly not ‘an easy sell’ for these new breweries. Irish consumers are opening-up to these new, flavourful, craft beers but it is a slow process involving their education.

Bord Bia has supported Irish Craft Brewers individually through trade events such as Marketplace 2010 and a recent trade & media tasting event held in the Irish Embassy in Paris ahead of June’s Vinexpo show. Each of these events saw 2 breweries participating and engaging directly with potential buyers as well as media.

The Bloom Inn marquee at this year’s Bloom in the Park opening on Thursday 2nd June will feature 9 breweries showcasing their beers directly to 60,000 visitors over the five days in the Phoenix Park. Bord Bia is also supporting a brewer-led event due to take place later in the year in Dublin in addition to exploring other initiatives to support this dynamic sector.

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