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 Industry Services 

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Bord Bia works in partnership with the industry to promote Irish food, drink and amenity horticulture to develop markets for commercial advantage. Our aim is to increase the sales of Irish food, drink and amenity horticulture by developing long-term relationships between Irish companies and trade buyers. This is achieved through core services delivered to the customer, the trade buyer, and to Irish food & drink companies themselves.

  • Bord Bia operates a comprehensive programme to develop and foster contact between international buyers and Irish companies. This includes participation at major international trade exhibitions.
  • Bord Bia develops promotional programmes to support marketing activities, offering a range of creative solutions to provide both distinctiveness and competitive edge.
  • Commercial success depends on reliable information and the right contacts. Bord Bia has a thorough understanding of the capabilities and strategies of all Irish food & drink exporters. Bord Bia employs a range of information services to provide comprehensive information on global market trends.
  • The reputation of Irish food & drink is important to your business and vital to ours. Bord Bia encourages the development of programmes to protect and defend the integrity of Irish food and drink.

What is in this section? 

This section is intended for those professionally involved in the Irish food, drink and amenity horticulture industries. It explains Bord Bia services for such industry participants.

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