Access Keys

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Access Keys

Access Keys
Keyboard access is important for users who do not have ability to use a pointing device.

Not only is this an essential tool for some sections of the community it is a quick and easy way for everyone to navigate the site.

To Use An Access Key
Just press and hold the 'alt' key
Then press the required letter or number
Press the return key your browser will open your chosen page.
Standard Access Keys   
0 = Home Page
1 = About Food
2 = About Gardening
3 = About Us
4 = News & Events
5 = About Industry
6 = Industry Information
7 = Accessibility
8 = Contact Us
9 = Sitemap
j = Skip Navigation
q = Jump to second level navigation
s = Search
g = Go Search

Please Note
Netscape for Apple Macintosh does not understand the keyboard short cut commands for linking.

For further information on accessibility please contact our access officer -