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Origin Green Ambassador Programme

Applications are now open until May 14th, please click HERE to apply.

In a world of challenged resources, the case for sustainability has become largely self-evident. Within the food industry, it is now recognised as a priority issue. Since its launch in 2012, Origin Green has put the Irish food and drink industry to the fore of this global conversation.

The Origin Green Ambassador Programme takes 10 Ambassadors who are passionately committed to the better management of our planet’s resources, on a 23-month journey towards an MSc in Business Sustainability. Placed with global businesses that are playing leading roles in sustainability development, Origin Green Ambassadors have quickly become trusted partners and have taken leadership roles in the development of important initiatives. In doing so, their engagement provides an invaluable opportunity to share the vision of Origin Green, and the commitment of Irish food and drink companies to it, with senior leadership within these organisations.

Ambassadors receive a Masters in Business Sustainability from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School. While also gaining huge international experience with large multinational Food & Drink Organisations.

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The Programme Structure

This 23 month programme is a combination of real-world and academic learning, blending block release modules and continuous project work. On placement, you will be assigned to 2 different international food and drink companies during the placement period, working on live sustainability projects.


Some key elements of the programme include:

  • Internationally-recognised Masters with UCD Smurfit Business School - MSc Business Sustainability
  • Overseas placements with the world’s leading global brands. These have included: Starbucks, Nestle, Danone, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Subway, Amazon, Costco, Sainsbury’s, Five Guys, Diageo, Marks & Spencer, Mars, Tesco, Alibaba, Sodexo, Bidvest, Bunge and Pepsico, among others
  • Full tuition fees paid and bursary towards living expenses awarded
  • Applications welcome from graduates with a minimum of 4 years’ experience 
  • Outstanding career prospects and professional development


Who is this programme for?

  • High achievers who demonstrate the potential to be effective leaders in industry
  • Highly experienced participants who have a genuine interest in the area of sustainability
  • Experienced functional or technical specialists in transition to a change management role
  • Participants who have key technical skills from the food, agricultural and environmental industry
  • Participants with advanced language skills who have experience working in the area of social responsibility and sustainability


Key Benefits

Employment prospects are outstanding with numerous companies recruiting directly including Kerry, Glanbia, Ornua, Dawn Meats, Dairygold, Kepak, Five Guys, Lidl, Bunge, Diageo, Alibaba, Sainsbury’s, among  many more.

Applications are now open please click HERE to apply