Beefcuts - striploin

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Beefcuts - striploin

ShoulderRibRolled RibStriploinShinBall RoundTop SideBrisketTop RibFlankBeef Cuts Diagram
Shoulder Eyeround
Rib of Beef Silverside
Rolled rib Ball-round
Striploin Flank
Fillet Brisket
Sirloin Shin
Topside Top Rib
Striploin photo


Roast in the piece or cut into steaks.  It is best with some fat covering for flavour.  It is also important that it is well aged (3 weeks).

Fillet photo


Prime cut for grilling, frying or leave in the piece for a special  roast.

Sirloin photo


Prime steak cut, very important that it is well aged for maximum tenderness.  Ideal for barbecue  kebabs.