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Good Food Quick Guides

Bord Bia, in consultation with an independent nutritionist, has developed a series of four guides in handy tear-off A4 pads, designed to help manage the diets of patients using fresh ingredients and easy to prepare home cooked meals.

These Quick Guides are part of a follow-on initiative from the Healthy Eating Planner that was launched in 2007.  Quick Guide CoversThe series has been produced on the back of a qualitative study involving five small focus groups with GPs, in addition to direct feedback from members of the IPNA.

Each guide includes background information and practical advice on their condition.  The series has been endorsed by the Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Practice Nurse Association.

Hard copies of each leaflet are available in four separate A4 pads (50 leaflets per pad).  To order free copies of any (or all) of the pads, please contact Hylda Adams on or (01) 6142 295.

Download the Good Food Quick Guides in PDF format 

Good Food Choices for Primary School Children

Download:  PDF Icon(637KB 1 mins:33 sec @56K)

Quick Guide to Blood Pressure.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(557KB 1 mins:21 sec @56K)

Quick Guide to Cholesterol.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(496KB 1 mins:12 sec @56K)

Quick Guide to Familys Weight.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(624KB 1 mins:31 sec @56K)

Quick Guide to Type 2 Diabetes.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(483KB 1 mins:10 sec @56K)

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