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Rhubarb came originally from Asia. The stalks or stems are described as an elongated and swollen petiole and are popular as a dessert or for pies in Summer. Rhubarb is very low in sugar. Its main use, nutritionally, is as a refreshing, low calorie dessert for a slimmer. Since it is so low in sugar it has a sour taste and needs to be sweetened with either sugar or one of the many artificial sweetners which are available in liquid or granule form.Rhubarb photo

One standard type.

Areas Grown

Most areas throughout Ireland.

Calorie Content

7kcals/100grams raw Rhubarb.

Nutritional Value / 100 grams Rhubarb raw


94.2 grams


0.9 grams


0.1 grams


0.8 grams

Vitamin C

6 milligrams

Vitamin E

0.20 milligrams

Vitamin A

60 Micrograms


7 micrograms


0.3 milligrams

Energy Value K cal

7 or 32KJ

Vitamin B

0.8 milligrams

Dietary Fibre

1.4 grams


0.3 milligrams

How to Store

Store in cool dry place.

How to Cook

Can be stewed or used in a pie.

Source of Supply: Ireland

Availability on Irish Market: February - September