Economic Benefits

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Economic Benefits

The Economic Benefits of a Well Kept Garden

Kerbside appeal

The economic benefits of gardening are multiple. A house with a neat front garden usually rents or sells quicker than one without. A home with a garden usually rents or sells for more. Gardens offer kerbside appeal which boosts the value of your property.

Make a financial return

Gardens are an expense but unlike other pastimes, the investment is returned not just in enjoyment but in actual financial benefit: yields of cut flowers, herbs and vegetables can be very valuable

The value of trees

Scientists have estimated that a single garden tree with an average 50-year lifetime, generates €24,644 worth of oxygen, delivers €48,902 worth of air pollution control and will recycle €29,573 worth of water.

Improve economic activity

Urban and street planted trees enhance economic stability of localities and community by attracting businesses and tourists. People are known to linger and shop longer along tree-lined streets.

Increase productivity

Businesses leasing office spaces in developments with trees find that kerbside appeal works and will have higher occupancy rates. While employers in such developments find their workers are more productive and absenteeism is reduced. Similarly interior landscaping of workspaces increases productivity and staff health.