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Organic Gardening for Primary Schools


Audit, plan and design school garden.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(816KB 1 mins:59 sec @56K)

Fruit bushes and Rhubarb.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(433KB 1 mins:3 sec @56K)

Harvesting and cookery.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(764KB 1 mins:51 sec @56K)

Herb Planting and useful plants.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(970KB 2 mins:21 sec @56K)

Making a wildlife pond.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(476KB 1 mins:9 sec @56K)

Making raised beds, pathways and signs.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(290KB 42 sec @56K)

Moving Plants from the Classroom to Garden.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(572KB 1 mins:23 sec @56K)

Pests and Predators - making an insect hotel.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(307KB 44 sec @56K)

Planting a native hedgerow or woodland.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(493KB 1 mins:12 sec @56K)

Planting an orchard and strawberries.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(267KB 39 sec @56K)

Planting outside, soil and rotations.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(495KB 1 mins:12 sec @56K)

Planting winter vegetables.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(259KB 37 sec @56K)

Poly Tunnel (all year round plan).pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(316KB 46 sec @56K)


Download:  PDF Icon(703KB 1 mins:42 sec @56K)

Saving seeds.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(275KB 40 sec @56K)

Setting up composting systems.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(446KB 1 mins:5 sec @56K)

Sowing seeds - in the classroom and seeding outside.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(435KB 1 mins:3 sec @56K)

Sowing seeds directly - Heritage Grains.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(289KB 42 sec @56K)

Tool safety, basic materials required.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(294KB 43 sec @56K)

Urban Gardening (small spaces).pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(277KB 40 sec @56K)

Watering and Water Conservation.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(229KB 33 sec @56K)

Weeding and Summer care.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(245KB 35 sec @56K)

Wildflowers meadows.pdf

Download:  PDF Icon(2MB 3 mins:53 sec @56K)

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