Seafood promotions in 2014

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Seafood promotions in 2014

Key activities undertaken in 2014 included participation at 5 International Trade Fairs, as well as domestic and overseas promotions.

1. Ireland Pavilion at 5 International Trade Fairs - Biofach Germany; SEG Global Brussels; Conxemar Spain; SFFF London and Qingdao China - 45 Irish companies participated on the Bord Bia stands

2. One major Domestic promotion undertaken in May 2014 to promote the consumption of hake with Irish consumers - hake is now one of the fastest growing fresh fish in Ireland and is now seen by Irish consumers as an alternative to cod. Hake sales have increased by 20% in 2014 compared to 2013 to reach a sales value of €6 million as more households buy it more frequently.

3. Overseas promotions: Through Bord Bia's network of offices, key activities to promote Irish seafood in export markets included the following:-

a) In-store tastings throughout the year in key multiple retailers in Europe and Asia with the main species promoted including scallops, crab, mussels, whelks and salmon. Tastings also took place in South Korea, promoting Irish mackerel. Bord Bia also coordinated two seafood trade and media events in Beijing and Shanghai where an estimated 80 seafood buyers and 20 media attended each event to gain a better understanding of Irish seafood and sample the range of products. In Germany, an oyster promotion was organized during Saint Patrick's Day Event in the Embassy in Düsseldorf.

b) 13 international seafood buyers brought to Ireland on inward buyer visit itineraries during 2014 including site visits to the leading seafood processors in Ireland and presentations on the range, quality and USP's of Irish seafood. Buyers represented key markets of Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, China and South Korea

c) Recipe leaflets, St. Patrick's Day kits, and shelf wobblers were produced to promote Irish seafood and key species to international seafood customer base through network of offices and through Bord Bia participation at international trade shows. In Germany an update on the Irish organic salmon leaflet was produced. In China, a cookery DVD was produced and promoted to Chinese consumers.

d) 10 International inward journalist visits coordinated by Bord Bia to highlight the range, quality and USP's of Irish seafood and key species to the main consumer and trade press in target export markets including France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany & China

e) Research was undertaken by Bord Bia's network of international offices to identify potential customers for Irish seafood in the retail and foodservice channels. This research was published in a directory format and was used to target potential customers to visit Ireland to meet suppliers and is also used directly by client companies in their own efforts to target customers in new markets. Seafood reports were produced on the South Korean, Russia and Middle East markets in 2014. Trade research reports were also produced on the canned mussel meat sector in France and Germany. Trade and consumer research was also conducted to understand how the global seafood industry may evolve over the next 5-10 years and what opportunities for growth and innovation this presents for the Irish seafood sector. The research identified 5 distinct opportunity platforms for the Irish seafood industry.

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These measures are part funded by the European Union under the European Fisheries Fund