Bord Bia introduces leading Middle East retailer, Spinneys, to Origin Green

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Bord Bia introduces leading Middle East retailer, Spinneys, to Origin Green

25 plus inward media visits planned for 2018 



Bord Bia introduced buyers from leading Middle East retailer Spinneys to Origin Green this week when they visited Ireland, meeting the food producers who will feature in their in-store Christmas catalogue.

Killowen Farm Origin Green visit Media and influential food bloggers from Dubai visited Killowen Farm as part of Bord Bia’s introduction to Origin Green. L-R Nicolas Dunne- Kilowen Farm, Deborah Rodgers- FoodeMag, Samantha Woods- FooDiva, Michael Hussey- Bord Bia.

This week's visiting group, including media and influential food bloggers from Dubai, form part of a significant number of inward international media visits this year to demonstrate Ireland’s sustainable food production.   The Origin Green immersive itinerary demonstrated how sustainability operates on farm, with retailers and among Irish food producers.

More than 25 targeted trade and broadsheet media will have visited Ireland from Continental Europe, Nordic markets and the UAE this year and, for the first time, Bord Bia will welcome International media from Japan, Korea and the USA.

Bord Bia is broadening its reach to international media across established and new markets, increasing the awareness of the Origin Green story, further building Ireland’s reputation as a producer of sustainable food. Coverage aims to inform food buyers in global markets about the point of differentiation that Origin Green can give them as they respond to the challenge of meeting consumer demands for sustainably produced food.

In 2017 Origin Green editorial was reported in International trade and broadsheet print publications with a combined circulation of over 900 thousand in print and online publications reaching over 9 million unique visitors.

According to Padraig Brennan, Director of International Markets at Bord Bia:

“The Middle East features strongly in the markets Identified as offering potential for growth as part of Bord Bia’s Market Prioritisation work to date. Origin Green provides the proof based platform to build the reputation of Irish food and drink products in the region and help grow the value of exports”.