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Supply Chain

Food & Drinks Supply Chain Logistics

Bord Bia’s Supply Chain Logistics Guide and Logistics Service Providers Database, both linked below, enables Irish food and drink manufacturers to identify operations partners, establish more efficient distribution channels and identify cost reduction strategies.

Food and Drink Supply Chain Guide

This Strategy Guide, alongside Bord Bia’s new Logistics Service Provider Directory, aims to assist Irish food and drink manufacturers to identify operations partners, establish more efficient distribution channels or routes and identify possible strategies for reducing supply chain costs (2018).

Food and Drink Supply Chain Guide Appendices

The appendices linked below from the Food and Drink Supply Chain Guide provide useful information in areas such as LSP selection, request for pricing and KPIs and management reporting (2018).

Logistics Service Providers Database

The logistics service provider (LSP) marketplace is continuously evolving as it responds to additional systems requirements and routes to new markets. Bord Bia's Logistics Service Providers Database enables companies to easily identify LSPs that match their companies needs (2018).

Supply Chain Workshops 2018

Supply chain logistics and distribution is a key challenge facing the Irish food and drinks industry. The Barometer has identified Lead Times, Supply Chain Partners and costs as key challenges. These findings tell us that Irish food and drink companies are likely to face increased costs in their supply chain in the short and medium term.

Exporting Beverages to Asia

These guides has been produced by Bord Bia to help Irish manufacturers of whiskey, white spirits and craft beers gain increased awareness, insight and understanding of the respective regulatory environments to facilitate the importation, distribution and selling of their products in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Distributor Guide for the Netherlands

Bord Bia's Distributor Guide for the Netherlands provides pragmatic information on Dutch Distribution partners for Irish Consumer Food and Drink Exporters, and is based on information gleaned through industry research and interviews with company representatives (2017).

Fish Transport Solutions: Guide to Irish Freight Forwarders and Road Transport Companies for Export

Given the complexities associated with the transportation of fish and seafood into export markets, and our peripheral location on the fringes of Europe, Bord Bia has developed the following directory to assist Irish fish processors in this regard. This study highlights the key players in this market, with a focus on Freight Forwarders and Logistics / Road Transport Service Providers (2015).

Selecting an Agent or Distributor Partner: A Guide for Irish Food and Drink Companies when Servicing the UK Market

The purpose of this document is to give Irish suppliers an insight into the decision making process when considering employing agents or distributors to support their business development strategy in the UK (2013).

Food and Drink Exporters’ Guide to Logistics Service Providers for Continental Europe

This Bord Bia Guide to Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) presents an overview of potential Logistics Service Providers to Continental Europe. The Guide illustrates a sample of typical providers based in Ireland and others based in specific markets (2011).

Guide to Distribution for Food and Drink Producers in Ireland

This guide provides an overview of the various options available to help you to make an informed decision about distribution (2008).