Grade E pig prices for the week ending 12th January was €1.90/kg. This is an increase of 51c/kg (37%) on the same week last year with prices currently on a par with the EU average price of €1.89/kg for Grade E pigs.

A total of 69,745 pigs were slaughtered during the week ending 12th January. This was an increase of 300 pigs for the same period in 2019. It was an increase of over 14,000 pigs on the previous week, as normal supply resumed in the New Year.

Pig throughput for 2019 stood at 3,388,009, which is a reduction of 14,856 on the throughput figure for 2018, a reduction of 1%.

ASF Update:


German authorities are extremely concerned about swine fever cases in nearby Poland coming ever closer to the border. In December alone, Poland recorded 55 outbreaks of African swine fever in wild boar close to the Western Border with Germany.
In the first 16 days of 2020, there were a further 42 cases of ASF were reported in Western Poland. The concern is some of the cases discovered lie only 30km from the Germany border. Germany is estimated to have over 800,000 wild boar in the country. If the disease was to spread into German wild boar, then the disease spread could be disastrous for the pork producing country.


2020 outlook:

Speaking at the recent Bord Bia’s Meat Marketing Seminar, Justin Sherrard from Rabobank, who is a global strategist in animal proteins, outlined that ASF has created opportunities for increased production of animal protein.

He issued an air of caution around the ASF situation in China, as it is unknown how long the country will continue to demand imported protein sources. It is stated that it could be between 5-7 years until the country’s pig population is close to pre ASF levels. Countries should be wary of increasing production levels, as the disease ever closer to reaching Germany.

He highlighted that pork production will continue to grow in 2020, with a 1% increase in Europe and a 4% increase in the USA, boosted by a continuation of strong prices into the year.

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