Grade E pig prices for the week ending 30th November was 189.04c/kg. This is an increase of 51c/kg (37%) on the same week last year with prices currently exceeding the EU average.

A total of 70,228 pigs were slaughtered during the week ending 30th November. This was a decrease of 1,000 on the previous week. Pig throughput to date stands at 3,136,748 which is a reduction of 20,000 on this time 12 months ago.

ASF Update:

As the world continues to see losses due to African swine fever (ASF) swell in 2019, experts from Rabobank estimate that nearly 25% of the world’s pig herd (350 million head) could be gone by year’s end. Most recently, major ASF outbreaks in Romania and the Philippines have added to the costly total.
In a global ASF report from the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE), major losses were shown in Romania with 20,069 head and in the Philippines with 45,670 head. These losses represent the number of head killed by ASF or culled in infected farms or backyards only and not any depopulation efforts in control zones.


China’s agriculture ministry is investigating the illegal production, sale and use of African swine fever (ASF) vaccines in the country. Online reports have circulated of pig farmers using unapproved vaccines in an attempt to stop the spread of ASF.

Researchers have been trying to find a vaccine for decades. However, China’s devastating outbreak has fuelled more research into vaccines for this deadly virus.

In September, China’s ministry of agriculture said experimental, homemade or even smuggled vaccines could present biological safety risks to the country. The agency also strongly discouraged farms from using overseas vaccines as vaccines based on other virus strains could worsen the situation.


EU pork exports should reach a new high in 2020, based on strong trade demand from China and other parts of Asia affected by African swine fever, according to a new report by Rabobank In its Global Animal Protein Outlook 2020, Rabobank says ASF ‘overwhelms the outlook for 2020 – as it has done during 2019 – and will pull down overall growth, as well as bring uncertainty to all markets’. “In short, in 2020, the global animal protein sector faces an uncertain world, which also offers opportunities for some.

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