Grade E pig prices for the week ending 5th October 2019 was 178.56c/kg. This is an increase of 38c/kg (20%) on the same week last year.

A total of 65,722 pigs were slaughtered during the week ending 5th October, of which 1,445 were sows. Pig throughput to date stands at 2,603,658 head, which is a reduction of 20,787 on this time 12 months ago.


ASF Update:


South Korea's agricultural ministry on Thursday announced a lockdown on all pig farms in a town north of Seoul, where the country's 14th African swine fever case was confirmed a day earlier, and designated nearby areas as a "buffer zone" for intensive quarantine operations.

The 48-hour movement ban on all pig farms in Yeoncheon, north of Seoul, went into effect earlier in the day, according to the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs.
South Korea confirmed its 14th case of ASF on Wednesday, after a hiatus of five days. It also marked the second case from the town near the border with North Korea.


Rabobank have predicted that Chinese pigmeat production will be down 35% in 2019 with a further drop of up to 15% anticipated in 2020. This would result in a drop of 24 million tonnes in output relative to 2018. With only a very small percentage of world pig meat being traded on the global market, there is increased scope for a sharp lift in demand for the medium term as the price of pork products seems set to remain at record levels in China for a sustained period of time. This will also boost demand for other meat products.


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