The Grade E Pig price for week commencing 29/07/2019 was €1.71 per Kg compared to €1.37 in the same week last year, which represents a 24% increase. A total of 67, 836 pigs were slaughtered in week 31 of which 1,855 were sows. The cumulative figure for pig slaughterings in 2019 is 2,017,168 which is a 1% decrease with the same point last year.

 There has been a general lift in pig prices across the EU in recent days with the German price rising by as much as €0.10/kg. Irish prices are expected to see some further increase in the coming weeks. 

ASF Update




Bulgaria has reported more than 30 outbreaks of the disease, at industrial or backyard farms. About 130,000 pigs have already been culled. Bulgaria’s deputy agriculture minister said on Wednesday that the country has failed to contain the spread of African swine fever, while experts say Bulgaria could lose its entire 600,000 pig breeding industry. Bulgaria will receive €2.9m in EU financial aid to combat the disease.

Moldova & Russia

Moldova has reported two outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in backyard pigs. The outbreaks took place in Gotesti in the district of Cantemir near the border with Romania. The ASF virus killed three pigs while another 10 pigs in the locations were slaughtered, the OIE said, citing a report from Moldova's animal health authority. Moldova has confirmed several outbreaks of ASF in recent months.

While on Monday, an outbreak of ASF was detected at a small farm in Russia’s Primorsk region near its border with China

ASF Asia

On Friday 9th August FAO reported almost 5 million pigs in Asia have now died or been culled because of the spread of ASF. This includes 3,700,000 pigs in Vietnam and more than 1,160,000 pigs in China. ASF is present in six Asian countries: Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, Lao PDR, Mongolia and Viet Nam. The latest data provided by FAO indicates that current losses represent more than 10 percent of the total pig population in each of China, Viet Nam and Mongolia.

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