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Bord Bia Grass Fed Beef and Dairy


The beef sector in Ireland is rooted in grass-based production systems at farm level.

With the natural advantage of the ideal climatic conditions for growing grass coupled with the management practices that have been developed and adopted by Irish farmers over generations the grass-based productions systems found in Ireland produce healthy, natural and great tasting beef and dairy products. 

The Bord Bia Grass Fed Scheme for Beef and Dairy has been developed in response to the demands of the marketplace - see the list of member companies in the Grass Fed Scheme. Increasingly consumers are expressing a desire for products that can be verified as grass fed. It is no longer possible to just declare that a product is grass fed, the market requires evidence to back the claim.


Grass Fed Standards

The Grass Fed Beef and Dairy Standards have been developed by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, in consultation with relevant stakeholders from the agri-food sector in Ireland. Read more about what's involved in the grass fed standard by downloading one of the PDF's below.

Grass Fed Beef Grass Fed Dairy