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Just Ask

What is Just Ask?

As a restaurant, you are constantly striving to use freshly sourced ingredients on your menus. Ingredients that provide diners with the added reassurance of being products to the highest standards. We want to support you and your quest for good quality ingredients by encouraging consumers to become aware of where their meat comes from when eating out. Through the Just Ask! campaign, Bord Bia is encouraging diners to look for country of origin and supplier information on menus

What should you do?

  • The ideal way to educate diners about where their meat comes from is to simply list the country of origin and supplier information on your menu.
  • Explain this campaign to your staff - tell them to expect questions from diners regarding the origin of their meat.
  • Ensure that your waiting staff are aware of where your ingredients are sourced, especially your meat, so they can handle queries with confidence.

Bord Bia is calling on all Chefs to support the Just Ask campaign by providing transparency to your customers and crediting your suppliers for their product. Opportunities exist to profile restaurants that are committed to providing supplier (particularly meat) details and country of origin information on their menus.

If your restaurant would like to be considered for PR purposes, please send in a copy of your current menu highlighting reference to suppliers and sourcing. Menus can be marked for the attention of Maureen Gahan, Ireland Market, Bord Bia, Clanwilliam Court, Lower Mount St, Dublin 2. Alternatively contact Maureen by email at maureen.gahan@bordbia.ie or directly on (01) 6142 235.