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A Guide to Remote Audits

As of 10 August, members of Bord Bia’s Sustainable Assurance Schemes for Beef, Lamb and Dairy have two options when scheduling their audit:

  1. A remote audit which, if successful, will result in a certificate period of 12-months.


2. A full on-site audit which, if successful, will result in a full 18-month certificate.

A remote audits means that instead of visiting your farm, the auditor will conduct a farm check over the phone. Before this phone audit, farmers are requested to upload or send some photos of their farm and farm records. If a farmer does not have access to the technology required, they can post the photos instead.

The diagrams below indicate the process involved for farmers. An IT system has been developed to make the process as straightforward as possible and to ensure the safety and security of photographic records.

The Bord Bia Helpdesk (01 5240410) is available, 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the process. Call today if you are due an audit or have any query about your certification.