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Get Planting this Autumn

Helpful Advice When Deciding What to Plant

If you want your beds or borders to look well all year round use:

  • A combination of different types of plants; shrubs, herbaceous perennials and bulbs always look well.
  • Choose a mixture of plants that will ensure interest in every season from spring right through the summer, autumn and winter
  • Plant the tallest plants to the rear of the bed and graduate to the smallest at the front of the bed.
  • Plant several of the same plant into groups, particularly the smallest ones, to create the most impact. This works best if you plant groups using odd rather than even numbers of plants.

Planting Spring Bulbs Now

Spring flowering bulbs such as crocus, daffodils and tulips should be planted now. Bulbs grow best in soil that is well drained and contains a reasonable amount of organic matter, but they also grow well in pots and containers. Simple and great fun for children to do, and the results will have them hooked for life. The usual rule is to plant bulbs using a trowel, in holes three times deeper than their height, that is, a 15cm hole for bulbs 5cm in height.




What are the benefits to planting in Autumn?

  • Now the soil is at its warmest and as the days get shorter it is much less likely to dry out.

  • By planting now you will give a hardy plant the best chance to do well in the following years.

  • The autumn months are on average warmer than the spring months. So it's generally more pleasant to be out in the garden.

Autumn is the best season for planting:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Roses
  • Hardy climbing plants
  • Heathers
  • Autumn bedding plants – eg Winter Pansies
  • Sowing a new lawn