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Event Detail

Customs & Tariffs for International Trade Training Pilot Programme

20/11/2017 - 28/02/2018

Bord Bia Offices, Dublin 2

Applications are now open for participating in Bord Bia's Customs & Tariffs for International Trade Training which aims to provide practical training to companies on the basic principles and requirements of customs, tariffs and non-EU trade.

This will help companies prepare for market diversification and will support current and new business development.

This is a pilot programme and participation is free of charge. The selection process is competitive with 12 companies expected to be supported.

Companies that have completed Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer will be prioritised.

Factors to be considered include: market diversification objectives, the impact of Brexit and customers supplied.


It is foreseen the programme will follow the below outline:

Opening Group Session:

Date: November 20th, 10am

Location: Bord Bia, Dublin 2

Two hour session with BDO Customs and International Trade Services and 12 participating companies covering supply chain mapping, exposure to tariffs and non-tariff barriers.

Focussed Group Session:

Date: December 4th – 15th

Location: Bord Bia, Dublin 2

Smaller group session, two hours in length with 4 companies in total covering how to calculate tariffs and duties, how to complete customs forms and how to register for AEO/ Trusted Trader Status.

Individual mentoring

Date:January – February


Each company will receive an individual bespoke two hour consultation with BDO to review their progress in identify customs, tariffs, AEO and other implications on their exports to non-EU markets.

Closing Group Session:

Date:February 19th


Outlining findings and impact of programme. Feedback to inform future Bord Bia support activities.

Deadline for applications is Friday 10th November, 5pm.