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Event Detail

Market and Farm Study Visit for the Organic Dairy Market to Denmark

31/10/2018 - 01/11/2018


A Market and Farm Study Visit for the Organic Dairy Market will take place in Denmark on Wednesday October 31st and Thursday November 1st. The market visit will incorporate visits to the Danish Retailers and an Organic Dairy Farm. Please see agenda below.

All visitors must confirm that they have not been in contact with farm animals 24 hours prior to the farm visit.

To register your interest and for any additional information relating to this event please reach out to or dan.clavin@teagasc.ie Please state contact mobile phone number and which outward flight (SAS or Norwegian)

The cut-off date for all registrations is Wednesday October 3rd

Flights and accommodation should be booked and paid for per person

Day 1 Wednesday 31 October



Dep DUB (12:15) – CPH (15:25) Norwegian Air
Dep DUB (12:20) – CPH (15:30) SAS


Transfer to Købmagergade 20, 4700 Næstved, Denmark


Retail visits to observe Dairy category across top 3 retailers, Coop DK, DanskSupermarked and Dagrofa.


Check into hotel
Hotel suggestion: http://hotelkirstine.dk/en
(Single occupancy approx. €110)


Dinner at hotel.

Day 2 Thursday 1st November

08:30 – 11:30

Organic Dairy Farm visit

All visitors must confirm that they have not been in contact with farm animals 24 hours prior to the farm visit.

Togårdsvej 17, 4750 Lundby, Denmark

Sørens dairy farm:

Name: Salsbjerggård (Salsbjerg dairy farm)

Location: Togårdsvej 17, 4750, Lundby, Denmark

"Although Salsbjerggård is situated in the middle of the Danish countryside in South Zealand, the farm is also a small piece of New Zealand. For Søren Madsen, second generation at the farm, he has been so inspired by the working methods he learned at a study in a New Zealand dairy farm that he brought them home. Søren was one of the first in Denmark to use the New Zealand system. The system is efficient and good for both the animal and the farmer, Søren thinks. And it also turns out that he has been number one in a comparison of livestock farming, which the Knowledge Center for Agriculture is responsible for four times in succession.

The method is to distribute specific tasks over the calendar year. For example, Søren's cows and heifers are inseminated simultaneously and not evenly throughout the year, and Søren stops milking on May 1st, so that the animals can prepare for calving in June and July. So, Søren and his five employees can concentrate very accurately on the tasks to be solved, while there are variations in the tasks during the year.

Søren took over the farm from his father in a sliding transition, but in 2008 it was him alone who stood as owner of Salsbjerggård and two other properties he had also bought. Søren has more than 650 dairy cows plus almost the same number of young animals.

Søren's cows are Jersey cows. They walk in state-of-the-art stables with walls that can be rolled up and down depending on how the weather is outside. They also have brushes as they can rub on and beds with sand. In the summer they are out on grass, as cows that deliver milk to Organic Arla brand are. Organic corn, sugar beet, rapeseed, wheat and barley are also grown on the farm.”


Transfer to Airport (1.5 hrs) Arrival 19.00


Copenhagen Airport

Dep CPN (21:15) – DUB (22:35) Ryanair