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Engaging Experiences


What’s Happening

Throughout the pandemic, as people were forced to physically distance themselves from their friends and family, it became crystal clear how important experiences and connections are to our lives. With both elements hindered sharply by the lockdown restrictions, people have come to prioritise human-to-human interaction.

As COVID-19 has continued to limit out-of-home activities, the kitchen has become a hub of adventure and creativity. From taking a playful attitude towards store cupboard ingredients to embracing offbeat flavours, people are using their taste buds to travel the world and satisfy their hunger for novel experiences. As countries begin to open up, people are looking to splash out on experiences to compensate for being stuck at home.


of Britons plan to go out more often than they typically would post-COVID-19.

CGA, 2021


4 in 5

Americans say they ‘actively seek out flavors to try on a regular basis’, or like ‘trying new flavors from time to time’.

ADM OutsideVoice, 2020


Fan Frenzy

People are showing their love for food brands and restaurants

People have long shown their love for a restaurant or food brand by spending on that outlet or product. But the events of 2020 sparked a shift wherein people sought to protect their favourite businesses during lockdowns, leading brands to get creative in how they facilitated such support. Whether it’s through branded clothing from a fast food chain or a tote from a local eatery, people are investing in merch to forge closer relationships with brands.



of Gen Yers say they’d advocate for a brand simply because of their love for it.

GlobalWebIndex, 2019

Taco Bell
Case Study

Taco Bell

2021 saw the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – digital collectibles that people can be the sole owner of, but which have no IRL presence. Taco Bell released taco-themed GIFs and images on NFT marketplace Rarible, and it’s proven wildly successful. The brand’s 25 tokens sold out in just 30 minutes. They also included real-life perks in the form of a $500 electronic Taco Bell gift card.


Novelty Seekers

People want novel and exciting brand experiences

The past year has been dull and repetitive for many. As countries begin to open up, people will be seeking experiences that have an added sense of novelty to celebrate their newfound freedom, especially while they are still limited in terms of live events and large social gatherings. There is a pent-up demand for these experiences, with the global revenue generated by music events expected to grow at an annual rate of 14.14% between 2021 and 2024.



of people in Australia, the UK and the US plan to attend both virtual and physical events in the future even when it’s safe to gather in person

Eventbrite, 2020

Qantas: Mystery day trips
Case Study

WholeFoods: Offering discovery boxes

In conjunction with its Food Trends 2022 predictions, WholeFoods offered curated products in tasting ‘discovery boxes’ for consumers to explore new food trends. Each box included one item for each trend in its top-ten list, from yuzu flavoured vinaigrettes to functional pop called Poppi Strawberry Lemon Prebiotic Soda.

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Sparking Joy

Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons: Offering a taste of adventure

Nerd candy clusters partnered with role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons to release a range of limited-edition Nerds boxes, all of which come with special receipts that shoppers could upload on a dedicated website to unlock the games. Aside from fun and adventure, all players will be entered in a draw to receive a game pack including key D&D books, as well as a chance to play with one of the game’s designers.




Watch here


Case Study

Out-of-Pocket: Humorous healthcare

You might not expect information about healthcare to be funny, but online newsletter Out-of-Pocket uses humour to get people up to speed on medical information. Each week, it breaks down a different topic from the healthcare system without overwhelming readers. It uses an informal tone, memes and jokes to make the subject accessible to all.


Adventurous Eaters

People are becoming more experimental in their culinary choices

One of the main symptoms of the COVID-19 virus is the loss of taste or smell, which can last for a long time even when other symptoms stop – creating a greater appreciation for these senses. When combined with people’s newfound culinary knowledge and creativity in the kitchen, it’s resulting in the emergence of more ambitious and experimental foodies. 


of European consumers say they like food and drink products with new and unusual/exotic flavour

FMCG Gurus, 2020

Life Kitchen
Case Study

Life Kitchen: Tackling the loss of taste or smell

Life Kitchen is a not-for-profit cookery school for people whose taste has been affected by cancer or cancer treatment. During the pandemic, it released a free cookbook, Taste and Flavour, which includes recipes such as sweet vinegar aubergines and pineapple tacos, all designed for those experiencing a loss of smell or taste due to COVID-19.


Craft Culture

People want craft products to be more accessible

Craft products were once seen as a speciality interest for certain groups. But as such goods have become more readily available – whether by being stocked in supermarkets, available for online delivery or simply made more affordable – they’ve transitioned into the mainstream. It’s moving beyond connoisseur culture as a wider range of people show appreciation for craft and artisan brands and products, valuing the care that makers put into these items.




of people globally say that that stories around a brand influence their purchase decisions

Innova Market Insights, 2019

Case Study

Fourpure: Demystifying craft beer

In May 2021, UK-based craft beer brand Fourpure announced it would be undergoing a rebrand in the following months to make its products feel more accessible. The rebrand includes simpler packaging and straightforward product names like ‘Lager’ and ‘IPA’. The campaign will also poke fun at the complexities of craft beer in a playful way.



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