Consumers Buy from Companies That Show They Care

17 July 2019

Karen Tyner – Bord Bia, Senior Manager PCF & Small Business, Bord Bia  - The Irish Food Board


Research shows that Irish consumers prefer to buy from companies that demonstrate behaviours which reflect their own values and beliefs. 59% of Irish consumers want companies to take a stand on environmental, social, cultural and political issues according to the Accenture strategy report ‘From me to we: The rise of the purpose-led brand’. 


The report surveyed consumers from around the world to gauge their expectations of brands and companies.  The study found that companies that stand for something bigger than what they sell, communicate their purpose and demonstrate commitment to areas like the environment are move likely to attract consumers and influence purchasing decisions.


The majority of Irish consumers (59%) say their purchasing consideration is driven by a company’s ethical values and authenticity, with this value higher in Gen Z and Millennials (67%).  Consumers also believe that they should voice their opinions, values and beliefs and scrutinise the actions of organisations and hold them accountable. 


Irish respondents also reported that they were attracted to organisations that are committed to using good quality ingredients (77%), treat employees well (62%) and believe in improve the environment 66%.


The Accenture report recommends that organisation that want to build stronger consumer and staff relations should define what their business really stands for, be clear and authentic and seek to engage consumers on a deeper level.


Bord Bia has understood this increasing need for reassurance on environmental and social impact.  The motivation behind the Origin Green programme has been to assist the Irish food industry in producing food in the most sustainable way possible so that Ireland can become an example in sustainably produced food and drink.


The Bord Bia consumer lifestyle trends can also inform companies on what is driving the community and identity trend where consumers want to express their views and values. 


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Bord Bia Consumer Lifestyle Trends

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