Delivering Instore Experience For Today’s Consumer

18 July 2019

Delivering Instore Experience For Today’s Consumer


Maureen Gahan, Foodservices Specialist, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board


The world’s largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened at the end of February in Tokyo, Japan.  It is the fifth roastery that Starbucks has opened globally, following Seattle; Shanghai; Milan and New York.


The Shanghai Roastery (December 2017) was the first Starbucks in the world to offer an augmented reality (AR) experience to customers. Customers are invited to download the Roastery’s app when they enter the building and when they point their phones at key features around the Roastery they are provided with additional information. 


According to Starbucks, its about using AR to go beyond educating and enabling and empowering their customers to experience the space on their own terms.


All of which reflects the Engaging Experiences Global Consumer Lifestyle Trend: “I want moments of discovery that delight and enhance my day, sharing exciting stories and spaces with others”. 


There is a growing trend from retailers and foodservice operators to offer more than just food and beverage to their customers – today’s consumer is also looking for interesting and enjoyable in-store experiences when they go out. 


This trend was also identified as The Evolving Foodservice Experience in Bord Bia’s 2018 Irish Foodservice Market Insights Report.


We recommend that producers take time to review the critical strategic issues outlined within this report.  It’s important that these are addressed within their own strategic planning process to ensure the supply base remains competitive and ahead of macro trends shaping the industry in the years to come.


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