Salmon Market Insights

24 May 2019


 Photo courtesy of Bord Bia



Annette Kenney, Seafood Sector Manager, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board


Recent research conducted by Bord Bia in conjunction with Nielsen company (2018) shows that across the 3 markets of Italy, France and Great Britain respectively, retail sales figures stood at €346.1m up 3.9%; €614.7m virtually the same year on year; €345.8 m up 1.4% on the previous year. Per capita sales showed France to be the stronger market at € 9.4, followed in second place by Italy at €5.8 and Great Britain in a close third at €5.2.


From a price perspective per KG, France showed the largest increase of 7.5% to €35.49, while Italy had an increase of 2.9% to €31.55. Looking across the three markets, the key channels of distribution were supermarkets in Italy;  hypermarkets in France; and defined discounters, followed by retailers Sainsburys and Tesco in the British market. Looking more specifically at the British market  penetration declined to 36.5% which reflects less households buying these products; shopping frequency is stable reflecting bimonthly purchasing;  and category increase in value was caused by higher spend per shopping trip.


Euromonitor International reports that the consumption of fish and seafood slowed in 2018, despite the trend of promoting healthy protein such as fish and seafood.  It seems that this slowdown points to that of rising prices. Despite the fact that salmon continues to be the most popular fish in the UK, Euromonitor reports that consumption is falling, as there has been a shift towards an increase in the sales of the likes of shrimp which is seen as being a lower priced alternative, and in particular fresh shrimp. Overall there would seem to a move away from the premiumisaton trend. Retail forecasts to 2023 would suggest that overall fish sales will reach £ 6,586.9 from £6,653.9 in 2019.


From an Irish international trade perspective, total salmon exports stood at €86.1m to the key markets of France, Germany, UK and Switzerland.


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