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Brexit Update Friday 6th December

9 December 2019

As the UK General Election campaign unfolds, news from this week from the Farming Independent states that Boris Johnson has encouraged UK consumers to ‘Buy British’. The Conservatives plan to establish a seven-year transition period so that changes can be introduced gradually. However, if the UK is to leave the EU in a no deal scenario, they will still require food imports from established trading partners.

Brexit Update 15th November

18 November 2019

EU commissioner Phil Hogan has said British consumers will expect the UK to sign up to the EU’s labour, environmental and food standards as part of a free trade agreement (FTA) for which he will be chief negotiator next year. Speaking to RTÉ, Mr Hogan stated that "The British public will demand and expect that their government will sign on to EU standards because we have the highest standards in the world."

Bord Bia Brexit Update: 25th October 2019 – 1st November 2019

1 November 2019

The EU27 have formally accepted a UK extension meaning the UK did not leave on the 31st of October. The new extension will now end on the 31st of January 2020. There will now be a General Election taking place on the 12th of December.

Bord Bia Brexit Update: 19th Oct - 25th Oct 2019

25 October 2019

Following on from the request by Boris Johnson’s government to extend the Brexit deadline, the EU27 are yet to deliver a response on how much time they are willing to give the UK, if they will provide any time at all. It is likely that one of three scenarios will take place:

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 12th October – 18th October 2019

18 October 2019

UK and EU Reach Agreement on Brexit Deal British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker both announced Thursday morning that agreement had been reached between the UK and EU on a new withdrawal deal.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 5th October – 11th October 2019

11 October 2019

Bord Bia held a Customs Training workshop in Thurles during the week with a wide range of companies in attendance. Catherine Dunne, from the HSE, was in attendance and presented to PCF and Alcohol companies on the process of exporting products not of animal origin, and the steps required to be taken.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 28th September – 4th October 2019

4 October 2019

Bord Bia were in attendance at the DAFM Brexit readiness event at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Little Island, Cork. Minister Creed was in attendance to open proceedings, and Bord Bia staff were on hand to answer any queries and to help highlight the available Bord Bia Brexit support services.

Brexit Update: 21st September – 27th September 2019

27 September 2019

Bord Bia were in attendance at the DAFM Brexit preparedness event at Johnston Castle, Wexford. Minister Doyle was in attendance and Bord Bia staff were on hand highlighting the support services available to companies in the run up to Brexit.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 14th September – 20th September 2019

20 September 2019

Key news this week Dairy Industry Ireland have informed Bord Bia that it is of their opinion that that the 13th of March tariff schedule released by the British Government for Dairy & SN products will remain unchanged despite huge pressure form UK farmers unions. An official announcement is imminent.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 7th September – 13th September 2019

13 September 2019

The event in Dublin Castle on September 10th was helpful for companies in the run up to Brexit, there was over 300 in attendance and all were highly engaged. Overall it was an effective way of delivering key messages about what businesses should be doing to ensure trade moves as efficiently as possible, with Minister Creed and Bord Bia CEO Tara McCarthy both speaking on Brexit and how people should be prepared.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 31st August – 6th September 2019

6 September 2019

Boris Johnson defeated in Brexit and election votes. Following his governments loss of a majority earlier this week, the PM suffered a further humbling double defeat as MPs backed legislation to stop Britain leaving the EU without a deal. They then effectively blocked the prime ministers attempt to call an early election, to regain the initiative on Brexit, as he was unable to reach the two-thirds majority required.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 24th – 30th August 2019

30 August 2019

British parliament to be suspended in September, following a request from Boris Johnson. Parliament will be suspended just days after MPs return to work in September - and only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 17th – 23rd August 2019

23 August 2019

European Union rejects Johnson’s call to rework terms of Brexit. Once again the EU has rejected Boris Johnson’s latest call for a rework of the terms for Britain’s withdrawal, namely the Irish backstop set out by his predecessor, with Donald Tusk saying the UK had offered no realistic alternatives to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 27th July – 2nd August 2019

1 August 2019

UK chancellor Sajid Javid announced on Thursday up to £2.1bn in extra funding to prepare Britain for a no-deal exit on October 31. The funding will be allocated to various different no deal preparations, such as new border and customs operations.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 20th - 26th July

26 July 2019

Boris Johnson becomes PM Former London mayor and foreign secretary Boris Johnson is the new leader of the UK Conservative Party and on Wednesday 24th July 2019 became Britain’s 77th prime minister. Theresa May took part in her final Prime Minister's Questions and officially resigned from office. Once in office, the new prime minister wasted no time in making over the Cabinet and bringing in Brexiteers to the top jobs.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 13th - 19th July

18 July 2019

Key events this week: In a last ditch attempt to stop no-deal before Parliament breaks for summer, the Northern Ireland Bill will go before the House of Commons on Thursday. MPs will have the chance to vote on legislation that could prevent the next Prime Minister being able to suspend government. The change to the bill would require progress reports on restoring devolved government in Northern Ireland to be debated regularly in Parliament, therefore preventing it being prorogued. The bill comes after Boris Johnson refused to rule out suspending Parliament in October, which would in effect prevent them from being able to stop a no deal Brexit.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 6th – 12th July 2019

12 July 2019

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt went head-to-head this week in the first televised debate of the Conservative leadership contest. The debate was a heated and bitter affair, with both sides attacking the other. Hunt accused Johnson of "peddling optimism" and of putting his own personal aims above those of the country. Johnson on the other hand, called Hunt “defeatist” and hinted that the country had had enough of a “managerial style” and called his rival a “stickler for detail”. The two contestants clashed on a number of issues, Britain’s departure from the EU being the most contentious. The debate came after ballot papers had already been distributed to Tory party members.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 29th June – 5th July 2019

5 July 2019

Key events this week: The UK economy suffered its first quarterly contraction in seven years. Growth in the UK’s dominant services sector came to a near standstill in June, confirming a gloomy outlook for a month. The figures indicate that the British economy contracted by about 0.1% in the three months to June, according to IHS Markit and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (Cips). The last time GDP shrank for one quarter was in the final three months of 2012. Two consecutive negative quarters constitute a recession.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 20th – 25th April

26 April 2019

The 1922 executive committee of Conservative backbenchers MPs narrowly rejected calls to allow a vote of confidence in Theresa May’s leadership of the Tory Party with the next two months.

Bord Bia’s London Office Brexit Update: 6th – 12th April

12 April 2019

Brexit has been delayed until October 31 after a six-hour summit of EU leaders ending at 2am in Brussels on Wednesday night.

Bord Bia’s UK Office Brexit Update: 16th - 22nd February 2019

22 February 2019

In a keynote speech to the National Farmers Union, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed that the government will apply tariffs to food imports to protect British farmers in a no-deal scenario.

Brexit: German dairies fear chaos

1 February 2019

Following the UK’s rejection of the EU’s exit proposal, the German dairy industry fears substantial trading issues. This is according to German farming website,

British court rules that Brexit must face a parliamentary vote

4 November 2016

On the morning of 3rd November, the British High Court ruled that Theresa May cannot trigger Article 50, the legal route to Brexit, without parliament first having a vote.