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Building Enduring Brands

24 May 2019

The second Brand Forum meeting of 2019 took place in the now familiar RDS Minerva Suite and featured speakers who at first glance appeared to have little in common; Tom Stancliffe and Guy Hacking; two of the co-founders of Tribe a young digitally inspired food start up making a range of performance nutrition products from London and Kelly Rafferty Vice President for Global Marketing Capability from Kellogg’s, the venerable one hundred and thirteen year old food behemoth from Battle Creek Michigan.

Augmented Reality – The future is now

26 April 2019

Augmented Reality is no longer a concept of the future, it is now part of the day to day. Social media platforms and mobile gaming applications, such as Snapchat and Pokémon Go, have made AR more accessible than ever before.

Maximising Opportunities in a Local Context

5 April 2019

Being local may be not be possible in a global context but striving for local relevance in global markets can certainly pay dividends.

The Future of Sugar

29 March 2019

Euromonitor -market value of lactose free products in the EU 2017

What is a micro-influencer and how can they help grow your brand?

22 March 2019

Managing an effective digital campaign has become an important part of modern day business strategy.

Building Better Brands at Bord Bia’s Brand Forum

15 March 2019

The first Brand Forum evening meeting on 2019 was held in the Thinking House in Bord Bia’s Mount St. head office; a wholly appropriate venue for a thought-provoking evening featuring two contrasting speakers;

Fighting Food Waste in the Netherlands

15 March 2019

Dutch consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of food wasted every year, and retailers are following suit with measures to prevent food waste.

Social Media Food Photography- Tips for Success

8 March 2019

Since the very inception of the discipline marketers have worried about which half of their marketing budget is being wasted and never has it been more important to be laser focused in terms of hitting your target segment with messaging and imagery that will provoke action.

Why RE-USE is the new RE-CYCLE

15 February 2019

As the War on Waste continues to gain momentum and both industry and consumer groups strive to find solutions that can make a meaningful impact, a new zero-waste platform supported by some of the largest FMCG brands will soon make its debut.

Brand Forum: Video Momentum

8 February 2019

Video is increasingly generating momentum when it comes to consumers consuming content online and this is a big opportunity for brands.

5 Great Innovations from 2018

25 January 2019

Christina Furlong, MSc Innovation, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

What’s in store for food and drink in 2019 and beyond

What’s in store for food and drink in 2019 and beyond

11 January 2019

The major trends that will reshape the way that we source, produce and consume food over the next five to ten years will be driving forces for change, and successful food and drink companies will be those that can adapt to meet these changing consumer needs.

How Technology (and Robots!) will shape the Future Food Industry

30 November 2018

Automation, food surplus and hydroponics were just some of the topics discussed at the recent Food Loves Tech Conference in Brooklyn.

The Power of Partnership

30 November 2018

With the uneasy backdrop of the ongoing Brexit discussions and the ongoing talk of separation and ‘going it alone’, it is important to remind ourselves of the power of partnership and what true collaboration can and is helping us to achieve.

Wrapping up a Sustainable Future

23 November 2018

Last week Whole Foods published its food trend predictions for 2019, among the top 10 being the emergence of new forms of packaging which will not harm the environment.

Culinary Inspiration Issue 4: Adaptive Cuisine

16 November 2018

Bord Bia are exploring culinary trends from around the world: Trends in cooking style, food preparation, ingredients and flavours to get inspiration for the next hot food & drink trend.

Influence of religion on food

9 November 2018

In our increasingly multicultural society there are growing opportunities to cater to consumers with regard to religious laws, customs and taboos.

The Evolution of Superfoods

9 November 2018

Mintel have recently taken a look at the next generation of superfoods, predicting what they think will be the key trends in this area in the future.

scanning QR code in a Carrefour

Death of hypermarkets? How did Carrefour Poland achieve over 5% growth in a declining market?

6 April 2018

Poland is still very fragmented, and one of the most competitive retail markets in Europe. Euromonitor reports that the grocery retail market grows at 4.2% (2017).