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Food Crops

The retail market for fresh produce was valued at €1.208 billion in 2012 which was a 0.8% growth compared with 2011. This market is made up of sales of fruit (45.1%), vegetables (42.9%) and potatoes (12.0%). A modest increase in value sales was recorded in 2012 over 2011 for the fruit and vegetable categories, with the fruit category showing the greatest value increase of 3%. 


Value of Retail Sales of Fresh Produce 10-12


Value (billion)

% Change Year on Year











Retail Market Share for Fresh Produce categories


Share of retail sales of fresh produce in %

Value (€'000)




Vegetables (ex Potatoes)






The Horticulture Products Graphs page displays the  Top 20 selling fresh produce lines of fruit and vegetables.


The Gardening Market in Ireland:

Sales of plants/flowers to consumers were valued at €516 million for 2011/2012. 

For further information on this market click on the following link to see Garden Market Purchasing: April 2011 - April 2012 report


Export of Horticultural Products:

The Irish Horticultural Industry is primarily targeted towards supplying the domestic market. However, there are two key areas where Horticultural products are exported in significant quantities including:

Mushroom exports to the UK were valued at over €115 million at retail level annually and comprised 50% of the  UK market, which was supplied both from Ireland and by Irish owned mushroom production companies based in the UK. Ireland’s mushroom exports amounted, to 47,000 tonnes, with a value of €115 million, into the UK market. The Following Link shows the value/volume of the UK Mushroom retail market.  

The Christmas Tree home market figures for 2012 were €400,000 and the export market figure for  2012 was  €300,000.