Global Food and Drink Trends for 2016

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Global Food and Drink Trends for 2016

Article Date: 19/02/2016 


Sorcha Connaughton, Library Assistant, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

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Source: Pixabay

Mintel’s global research analysts have recently identified 12 key trends set to impact the global food and drink industry in 2016. It looks at trends that are emerging, mainstreaming and established across all markets.

Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1: Consumers are done with artificial, they want natural, recognisable ingredients.

Eco is the New Reality: Sustainability continues to be a significant presence in all aspects of food preparation and production, evolving to becoming essential for all NPD.

From the Inside-Out: Consumers are beginning to connect what they put in their bodies with their physical appearance, creating a market for products containing everything from collagen to probiotics.

Alternatives Everywhere: The increasing availability of novel proteins and potential replacements appeal to all consumers, potentially changing the marketplace from alternative to mainstream.

For Every Body: Programmes that encourage consumers to get more active are on the rise, creating an opportunity for product ranges that progress with people’s activity levels.

Based on a True Story: Consumers have been romanced by product origin, ingredients or inspiration stories, claims that are made by legitimately handcrafted products as well as mass produced items. Consumers will seek out products with verified claims

e-Revolution: From Carts to Clicks: The internet has yet to significantly change the grocery retail experience but innovations encourage consumers to think outside traditional channels.

Good Enough to Tweet: The rise of food-centric media has sparked a new interest in cooking.

Table for One: Across all age groups more consumers are living in single-person households and eating meals alone.

Diet by DNA: Interest in natural and getting back to basics has boosted ancient grains and superfoods fostering a principle that age-old staples are better than today’s manufactured options.

Fat Sheds Stigma: Consumers perception of fat is changing, prompting the emergence of a trend where fat is not a barrier in search for healthy products.

Eat with Your Eyes: Flavour will take a back seat in terms of innovation as social media consumers create demand for visually pleasing products that they can share and praise online.

Irish food and drink manufacturers who are looking for a guide to compelling and category changing food and drink trends can download a copy of the report here.

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