Digital Marketing 2019 – What’s on the horizon?

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Digital Marketing 2019 – What’s on the horizon?

Article Date: 30/11/2018 


Nicola Martin, Strategic Insights & Planning, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

Without meaning to sound premature, the year is almost over. Which leads us to question, what does the not so distant future hold in terms of digital marketing for 2019?

Live video

Video is going nowhere fast and live video is becoming increasingly popular. Live video gives a brand the opportunity to share real-time content and engage with followers simultaneously. When done correctly it can be a cost-effective, authentic way to showcase the brand.

Bord Bia’s Consumer Lifestyle Trends demonstrate that consumers are increasingly looking for engaging experiences. Today a brand needs to sell more than just a product, it needs to provide an experience and live video can be a very effective way to deliver this. Coupled with the fact that Cisco predict live video will account for 17% of all internet video traffic by 2022, live video is one to embrace.


There is an increasing debate as to whether influencers are here to stay or, is their influence is on the decline? The key to success is rooted in authenticity.

The rise of celebrity influencers have led many to question the authenticity of promotions. However, a carefully selected influencer that aligns seamlessly with a brand, is genuine in their approach, and demonstrates subject matter expertise can deliver great success. As a result a surge in micro-bloggers is expected in 2019 as brands lean into the trust and credibility they have built up directly with their fans.

Privacy and personalisation

GDPR will have a lasting impact into 2019 and beyond in terms of data protection. The not so surprising key to success is putting the customer right at the heart of the communication. When done right people want personalisation. Bord Bia’s Community & Identity Lifestyle Trend identifies the rise of hyper- personalisation and many brands are already effectively embracing personalization and putting the customer in the driving seat.

Food for thought

Finally, technologies such as Virtual Reality, Chatbots and AI are all set to become increasingly popular in 2019. However the art of authentic, socially conscious storytelling is not to be underestimated in order for these new to truly succeed.

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