Horticulture Ezine - November 2018

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Horticulture Ezine - November 2018

Horticulture Ezine - November 2018

BREXIT – Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer 2018

The decision by the UK to exit the EU continues to represent a significant challenge to Ireland’s agriculture industry. In the two years since the Brexit referendum, despite the uncertain landscape for Irish exports to the UK, it remains our most important trading partner. Since the vote by the UK to leave the Union, Bord Bia has been playing a key role in monitoring and assisting Irish Food Drink and Horticulture companies assess and prepare for the challenges ahead, implementing the Brexit Barometer in 2017.

In 2018, senior management from 117 Irish food, beverage and horticulture companies undertook the Brexit Barometer 2018 update, the results of this has provided in-depth data that has been assessed to show how the sector has progressed in the year since the Brexit Barometer 2017. The Bord Bia Barometer 2018 findings depict how prepared the sector is for Brexit benchmarking against the following key risks - UK Customer Relationships, Supply Chain, Customs and Tariffs, Financial Resilience, Market Diversification and Emerging Risks.

The findings are available on the Bord Bia website https://www.bordbia.ie/corporate/press/BrexitDocs/Brexit2018-Industry-Findings-Report.pdf

Emerging Risks

As talks continue between the EU and UK, companies need to be monitoring emerging risks and the possible impacts of these to their businesses.

Bord Bia is providing practical supports to companies including hosting FREE Customs & Tariffs Training and Supply Chain Workshops in Autumn 2018 and early 2019. Click here to find out more about the Brexit Barometer results and UK Market information.

  • Customs & Tariffs Training 2018
  • Location: Bord Bia Offices, Dublin 2

Applications are now open for participating in Bord Bia's Customs & Tariffs Training which aims to provide practical training to companies on the basic principles and requirements of customs, tariffs and non-EU trade.

This will help companies prepare for Brexit and market diversification and will support current and new business development.

If you would like to avail of Bord Bia's free Customs & Tariffs Training programme in 2018 and 2019, please enter your details to register your interest. Following completion of the registration process, we will contact you with the relevant dates for the programme.

Click here to register your interest in Customs & Tariffs Training (Dates:TBC)

Grant Opportunities for 2019 from Bord Bia

Bord Bia provides financial support to Irish food, drink and horticulture companies through our Marketing Assistance and Step Change programmes. Both initiatives can enhance the competitiveness of your business by helping you take the next step in your growth progression. The MAP assists you in establishing a foothold in new and emerging niche markets, while the SCP funds significant new projects which have the potential to impact strongly on your company’s growth levels.

In 2018 a total of €799,000 was approved for 160 MAP applicants with a further €165,000 approved for 4 companies under SCP.

Activities that are eligible for support include participation at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Marketing, Design and New Product Development and Quality Measures.

Don’t miss the opportunity in 2019. Details of grant opportunities for 2019 will be made available in mid-November 2018 with an end of January 2019 for applications. Please note, for those wishing to exhibit or travel to trade fairs in mid to late January, your application must be received in advance of activities taking place. Please contact your Sector Manager to discuss a possible application, or further information is available at www.bordbiavantage.ie/business-development/map-step-change-fund

Plastic Packaging – The Hot Topic

The topic of plastic waste has come to the forefront of the minds of both businesses and consumers both in Ireland and abroad. An estimated 50% of all plastic produced is single-use, and research shows that if current habits continue there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Following demand from consumers, and further motivated by the EU’s proposed ban on single-use plastics, many businesses have put measures in place to reduce the amount of single-use plastic consumed, with Lidl the most recent to announce their ban on non-recyclable packaging on fruit and veg by Christmas 2018, on fresh fish by February 2019 and fresh and processed meat products by August 2019.

Packaging Prospects

Unpacking Success: 2018 and Beyond

Bord Bia, in partnership with Touch Packaging Innovation Specialists recently launched our latest packaging report "Packaging Progress 2018+", at a workshop in The Thinking House. The Report provides first hand insights on the packaging trends which will influence businesses now and into the future.

A number of themes which are likely to shape future packaging developments are explored including:

  • The role that technology is playing today
  • New routes to market
  • Responding to the circular economy and ways in which we need to consider future packaging life cycles
  • Future opportunities for innovation in consumer experience via packaging

The report is designed to allow businesses to start questioning how they look at their packaging and consider the role it plays in their marketing strategy, business planning and supply chain models.

The Thinking House, will run another Packaging workshop on 27th November next and YOU are invited to attend. Please visit www.bordbia.ie/industry/events in the first week of November to register.

Origin Green Sustainable Packaging Seminar

Bord Bia’s Origin Green Team & Repak recently co-hosted a Sustainable Packaging Seminar for Verified Members of the Origin Green programme. Speakers from organisations including the EPA, 3Keel, and Musgrave Group as well as Bord Bia and Repak, spoke about topics including packaging trends, innovation, challenges and legislation. The seminar also featured a panel discussion comprising of representatives from Origin Green member companies, government and packaging experts. As consumers grow more concerned about packaging waste, the seminar aimed to give members a deeper insight into sustainable packaging in the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.

Learn more at www.origingreen.ie

GroMór 2018

GroMór 2018 was launched in late April with a photoshoot and press release featuring campaign ambassador gardening expert Dermot O’Neill and model and mother of two Sarah McGovern with her children in Merrion Square. The campaign wrapped up at the end of September.

GroMór is a nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging everyone to visit their local garden centers, buy Irish plants and get growing. The campaign is a collaboration of the gardening industry encompassing the REI Garden Centre Group and nursery growers, Bord Bia, Westland Horticulture and Bord na Mona with financial contributions from all parties and is now in its fourth year. It consisted of instore activity, online and social media activity and offered a unique opportunity for nurseries to connect with consumers through the medium of the garden centers. Point of sale material was provided for 63 garden centers, with large format and A4 desktop signs, DL fliers, stickers to highlight which plants were included in the campaign, and shelf wobblers to promote growers.

A feature of this this year’s campaign was a focus on three different garden designs – ‘Birds and Bees’ was the theme on the May bank holiday, with ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ for mid-June and ‘Potty about Plants’ for mid-July.

Social media is an increasingly important communication tool, and there was full engagement with the designs and plant lists, with a reach of 34 000, 47 000 and 40 000 respectively.

The PR element of the campign also preformed very well, with coverage in the Irish Daily Mirror, The Irish Daily Star, the Sunday Business Post and extensive coverage in the Irish Examiner, as well as considerable regional coverage.

Magazine coverage was in The Irish Garden, Retail News, VIP magazine and Women’s Way. Notable online coverage was in the Irish Times and the Irish Examiner, Dermot O’Neill appeared on the Saturday AM show on TV3 doing a potting demonstration and finally he was also interviewed on the Alison Curtis Show on Today FM.

The net effect of this PR was 9,7 million media impressions, an advertising value of €84 000, and a PR value of €252 000.

National Potato Day 2018

National Potato Day was held on Friday 5th October. The annual celebration honours Ireland’s most loved crop and encourages consumers to recognise its nutritional value and to experiment with new and exciting recipes. This year Bord Bia asked people to “Imagine a world without potatoes?” tying in with a global campaign theme which highlights the importance and value of the worlds third most important food crop (after rice and wheat). On the day, a range of events, talks and promotional activity took place around the country to celebrate Ireland’s champion vegetable. The events supported by Bord Bia, Teagasc, the potato trade and growers included the Carlow Rooster Festival, ‘Feile an Phráta’ at the Dingle Food Festival, Spud Fest in Newbridge House in County Dublin while the IFA potato growers hosted local regional events for schools. There was also a special 12 page potato supplement carried in the Irish Independent while promotional activity included TV, print and on line promotional activity.

Potatoes – they are more than a bit on the side

Irish people are famed for their reputed “love of spuds”, so one would think that getting Irish people to eat potatoes is a relatively easy task. But, Ireland is a much changed place in the past few decades. In particular the situation where potatoes, which were the only main meal carbohydrate available back then, are now viewed as ‘just another carb’ option on the plate. Irish people tell us they still ‘love their spuds’ and they continue to be Ireland’s most popular vegetable and household purchasing penetration reflects this, in that 99% of Irish home buy potatoes. The real trend of what’s happened is that potatoes have not been eaten as often in recent years with Irish households not purchasing them as frequently. In 2012 the retail sales of potatoes in Ireland recorded their lowest volume according to Kantar World Panel research. This has had obvious consequences for Irish potato growers and packers.

The challenge potatoes have had to face up to, has been fitting them in seamlessly in busy modern lifestyles with increasingly fractured meal occasions. The reduced frequency of formal family dining/meal occasions in homes is a trend running counter current to their traditional preparation and use. In Ireland, traditionally we boil, bake, roast and chip potatoes, so the big challenge has been to flag their natural health benefits, while showing people how to use them as a low fat food ingredient in a myriad of convenient international recipe dishes. Bord Bia research over the years has established that people have large gaps in their knowledge around potatoes, whether it’s their positive nutritional value or their simple most basic preparation or their knowledge of their versatility of use in international recipe dishes. An ‘anti-carb’ movement and various dieting ‘fads’ left potatoes health credentials undefended, in the past decades, which needed to be corrected.

Such was this challenge that in 2014, the Irish and British potato industries got together to seek funding towards a promotional campaign for potatoes from the EU. The campaign was called ‘Potatoes: More Than a Bit on the Side’ as this was where Bord Bia wanted to position potatoes in the publics minds. They deserved to be given a ‘centre plate’ focus and attention.

The joint campaign evolved the launch of the cool looking potato character ‘Bud the Spud’ (as the ‘voice’ of potatoes) and the launch of a dedicated international recipe website www.potato.ie Across the 3 years of the EU funded campaign this website has become the bank for 142 healthy and international potato recipes and 32 ‘How to’ cook videos.

We know when people visit this website, they are thrilled with the new recipes they find there. In the campaign monitoring survey polls c.60-65% of respondents who had recently visited www.potato.ie said they would likely do so again with 65% of people saying they would try a new recipe for potatoes from it.

The campaign itself was a fully integrated campaign focusing on out of home poster ads (via rail and bus transport), press advertising, digital advertising, PR events/coverage and a huge focus on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). All focus of the campaign was to change attitudes of our target audience (22-44 year old females) to potatoes, assuring them of their fat-free and gluten-free status, while directing them to www.potato.ie to find exciting and tasty recipes. All the campaign evaluations to date have been very positive with the key measure of the retail sale of potatoes showing year on year volume increases over the course of the campaign and now standing at 210,000 tons.

Campaign ambassador’s dietitian Aoife Hearne and chef/restaurant owner Pádraic Óg Gallagher, were appointed ‘potato ambassadors’ to give re-assurances on the ‘healthy status’ and ‘versatile/tasty’ virtues of potatoes. Whilst to amplify the impact of the broader campaign, Bord Bia ran supplementary potato promotions around St. Patricks Day, Bloom, the launch of the new season Queens and National Potato Day each year.

Mushrooms Complement Everything

The €2 050 000 ‘Mushrooms Complement Everything’ campaign over three years commenced in April The campaign runs in the UK and Ireland, and is very heavily based on recipe videos, digital advertising, and social media. It is aimed at young women in the 25-45 year old bracket.

The activity highlighted the impact of video recipes, with over 413 000 views on organic social media, and 723 000 views on pay per click.

After the initial burst of activity, the industry group got together and made plans for the remainder of the campaign. It was felt that while the results achieved were excellent, to give the campaign more longevity it was felt necessary to create a concept with a higher engagement.

Flexitarianism is a rising food trend where a variety of meals are eaten, and meat consumption is reduced – not cutting meat out of the diet but simply eating less. While the name may not be well known the trends are there to see and it is clear that the taste and health credentials of mushrooms make them ideal to take advantage of the trend.

After an intensive creative process, consumer focus groups were used to select the most compelling concept, ‘Bring on the Blend’. The aim of this concept is to show how easily chopped mushrooms can be blended with minced meat, to enhance the health and flavour of the meal, while at the same time reducing the cost. The campaign commenced in October, with a range of new videos and recipes, and early results are promising.

See the new look on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and the Website

Food Dudes programme – targets 100,000 school children in the current school year

The Food Dudes programme is a school based behaviour changing programme which encourages school children to taste and consume fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy balanced diet. The programme which has been rolled out nationally over the last decade has to date positively impacted close to 1million school children in developing and maintaining good healthy eating habits. The programme is funded by the EU Fruit & Vegetables Scheme and the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine. Over the Summer plans have been put in place for the roll out of the Food Dudes Programme for the current school year which has included a revision and update of the programme including the campaign website. In the 2018/2019 school year the ambitious programme target is to have 700 schools nationally and over 100,000 children taking part.

Incredible Edibles programme

The Incredibles Edibles Schools programme ran for its tenth year in 2018 and continues to be very popular with pupils and teachers. This year over 1220 schools (48,000 pupils) registered to take part with over 1600 grow packs distributed. There was uptake from schools across 26 counties. An awards ceremony to present the overall winning prize took place in the winning school (St Patricks NS, Galway) in September, with guest appearances from well know TV dietician Aoife Hearne and Shane Delahunt (Connaught/Irish Rugby Star) on the day. This educational programme informs school children about how fresh produce grows, its origin and the role it plays in a healthy balanced diet. It is supported by Bord Bia and the fresh produce industry and implemented by Agriaware.