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5 Must Reads on Dairy Products for Competitive Advantage - August 2021

Amy Bond, Assistant Librarian & Information Specialist

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Here at Bord Bia, we believe that third party market research can help you conduct rigorous analysis required to drive smart, strategic decision making. Not only that, it can also be used to: open your eyes to products and trends beyond your own company; seize valuable opportunities for product development and new market entry; make more prudent investments; give you the foundation you need to make other pivotal shifts in your business. (MarketResearch.com, 2018)

That’s why each and every month Bord Bia’s Knowledge & Market Intelligence Team, bring you 5 must reads for competitive advantage. This month we are focusing on Dairy products research and this Insightful article will summarise 5 great reports to help you nurture a thriving future for your business. Next month we’ll be focusing on Must Reads on Dairy Ingredients and look forward to engaging with you on this upcoming topic too.


Milk Allergies and the Rise of Non-Cow Dairy (Euromonitor, March 2021)

Milk allergies continue to be a growing condition among consumers globally. This report analyses key drivers behind the following of dairyfree diets, the opportunities for more easily digestible options, such as sheep and goat milk, as well as how to position plant-based alternatives to win in this space. It also delves into future opportunities in lab-grown dairy, and products and services in the allergy prevention arena. This report can help you understand the shifting category.


Category Packaging Opportunities: Dairy (GlobalData, February 2021)

This research uses examples found in Pack-Track's packaging innovation tool to focus on developments and innovations within the dairy sector. Manufacturers are not only looking for functionality that helps consumers in their everyday lives, but also try to follow modern trends or regulations in the field of packaging materials. The right combination of these factors makes the product successful, profitable and satisfying to consumers.


Yoghurt Buyers Prioritise Taste over Function (Canvas8, June 2021)

From gut health benefits to immune-strengthening properties, yoghurt brand marketing tends to focus on functional and health benefits. But even though health is a key concern, consumers are more interested in taste, creating opportunities for brands to switch up their comms. Research conducted by the International Food Information Council has found that taste tops the list of factors considered when purchasing yoghurt at 48%, followed by health benefits (38%) and nutritional value (37%). This article can help understand how to appeal to consumers.


Cheese - Ireland (Mintel, April 2021)

Make sure you understand the domestic market with Mintel’s latest country report. The cheese market continues to grow every year, with cheese being a staple product in most Irish consumer homes. The current pandemic has also encouraged more indulgent behaviours, meaning consumers want to enjoy more luxury products such as cheeseboards. Gut health has become a big health concern that consumers are becoming more aware of due to COVID-19. This means consumers are seeking out more cheese products that contain ingredients such as probiotics, added calcium or added protein.


Case study: Two Good (New Nutrition Business, May 2021)

Danone's Two Good is a rare example of a brand that has succeeded in reinventing the already very mature category that is yoghurt. It was launched by Danone in the US in February 2019. By appealing to consumers’ demand for less sugar and for brands that are both socially and environmental sustainable, it achieved sales of $111m in its first 16 months on the market. Learn how this was done in this case study.


Any Bord Bia clients who want to learn more on how to access content from these reports, contact thethinkinghouse@bordbia.ie.

Don’t forget, next month we’ll be focusing on Must Reads on Dairy Ingredients and look forward to engaging with you on this upcoming topic too!



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