Brand Forum

By world class speakers at the quarterly Brand Forum events which include food and drink case study presentations, coupled with in-depth question and answer sessions with the brand owners. Read More...


We help companies to grow and thrive in a competitive landscape. Read More...

Start your Business

There are many supports and services for individuals and entrepreneurs looking to start a food business in Ireland. We have provided a brief summary of the who’s who from state agencies, legal and regulatory bodies to sources of consumer and market research.

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Grow your Business

Bord Bia offers a number of services designed to help you grow your business, particularly in the domestic market.

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We collect and curate sources of world-class research and information that help clients to deliver commercial growth, and provide expert librarian guidance to find the most compelling and relevant search results.

Organic Supports and Services

Over the past 3 years Bord Bia has offered business development mentoring to producers of Organic Food and Drink in Ireland. In 2017, we are delighted to again be able to offer this free one to one mentoring to companies producing certified organic food and drink in Ireland.

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