Butterfly Leg of Organic Lamb with Spicy Yoghurt Dressing


  • 1 leg of Lamb, boned and butterflied
  • 2 tablesp. curry paste
  • 3 tablesp.olive oil
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1x 250g (10 oz) tub thick Greek- style yoghurt
  • 3 tablesp. mint chopped
  • Salt and black pepper


A day ahead:Mix the curry paste with 2 tablesp. of the oil and the garlic, spread it over the lamb, cover and leave in the fridge overnight. To roast or barbecue:Set the oven to Gas Mark 6, 200ºC (400ºF) / heat or light the barbecue. To roast:Heat a large pan, place the lamb on the hot pan, season and brown well on both sides then place on a roasting dish and cook for 45 mins. approx for pink lamb. To barbecue: Place the lamb on the hot barbecue and cook for 20/25 minutes approx. on each side over a medium heat. Dressing:Mix the yoghurt with 2 tablesp. mint, 1 tablesp. oil and seasoning. To butterfly a leg of lambYour butcher will prepare this for you with a little notice! If you'd like to do it yourself -- this is how. The idea is to open the leg of lamb out flat, removing the bones. Place the leg on a board with the thinner covering of flesh uppermost. Locate the first bone and slice along the length of it, cutting right down to the bone. Cut the meat away from the bone. Ease out the bone and repeat with the 2 remaining bones. Open out the meat and trim excess fat.

Serving Suggestions

If you have roasted the lamb, boil up the pan juices with a tablesp. of redcurrant jelly (optional) and serve with the sliced lamb. Before carving sprinkle the last tablesp. mint over the lamb. Serve the dressing on the side. Also very good with the lamb are baby potatoes and vegetables roasted at the same time with olive oil and sea salt. Next day: Great cold with a baked potato and the last slices will make gourmet sandwiches.