Your Guide to 14 Beef Cuts...

The Simple Steps Guide to Perfect Beef will help you to choose the cuts with care for each dish, plus a simple recipe for each cooking method. So from a Special Roast to a 10-minute Stir-fry it's all here - enjoy the great taste of perfect beef.


This is the best cut for mincing, casseroling or braising. Very good flavour, trim well.


Rib of Beef
This has the very best flavour. Roast on a high heat or cut a rib from the joint for the barbecue, one rib will serve two persons.

 rib of beef

Rolled Rib
Prime roasting joint, roast at a high heat.

rolled rib of beef


Roast in the piece or cut into steaks. It is best with some fat covering for flavour. It is also important that it is well aged (3 weeks).

 striploin steaks


Prime cut for grilling, frying or leave in the piece for a special roast.

 fillet of steak

Prime steak cut, very important that it is well aged for maximum tenderness. Ideal for barbecue kebabs.


This is the most tender part of the round, can be thinly sliced and stir-fried.

 top side of beef

Eye of the Round
Very lean joint, to pot roast, season and brown in hot oil, then cook slowly with root vegetables in a covered dish with some liquid - wine, stock, stout or water.

 eye of round

It is another cut from the round. Same cooking method as eye of the round (pot roast) or can be very thinly sliced and stuffed for paupiettes.

 silver side beef

Ball of the Round
This is a popular cut, pot roast or sliced into steaks for braising.

 ball of round

This can be stuffed, rolled and cooked slowly as a pot roast or it can also be marinated (Chinese flavours are very good), then grilled and very thinly sliced.

 flank of beef

Ideal for pot roasting, long slow cooking.

 beef brisket

Diced Shin
This makes a wonderful braised dish. It must have a very long slow cooking time. Add lots of root vegetables, garlic, herbs, plus wine, stock, stout or water.

 diced beef shin

Top Rib/Housekeepers Cut

Roast slowly with small amount of liquid – water, stock or wine. This will help to tenderise the joint, excellent flavour.

Top Rib/Housekeepers Cut