Brand Forum: Tone and copywriting for brand building

25th March 2019

Tone is the invisible element of all brand communication, and is the unique voice that your brand uses when talking to its consumers. Tone is not about what is said, but rather how it is said. This workshop is designed to bring light, focus and progress to how proactively managing tone can build a distinctive advantage for your brand.


  • Tone of voice and its role in brand building.
  • Tone of voice and its relationship with brand positioning, brand personality and brand values.
  • Key skills to apply when creating excellent tone.
  • The role of copywriting in tone of voice.
  • Creating tone of voice for social media. How to bring a brand’s tone of voice front & center in social channels? What are the challenges and rewards?
  • How to define and the critique your brand’s tone?

This workshop is customised for food & drink brand owners and will use numerous best in class industry examples.

Contributors: Our workshop brings together four seasoned practitioners in brand tone. You will hear from an expert in copywriting - Christopher Sharp, Senior Copywriter with JKR; an expert in tone for social media - Claire Hyland, Head of Youth Lab @ Thinkhouse youth marketing agency; one of Ireland’s most experienced  brand builders’ - John Fanning and Brian McIntyre, Orchard Consulting.


Tone - Distinctive Brand Voice Summary Learnings - Brand Forum Workshop


Tone, Christopher Sharpe, JKR, March 2019


Tone, Distinctive Brand Voice, John Fanning Brand Forum Workshop


Tone, Distinctive Brand Voice