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Nutritional Benefits of Chicken

As part of a healthy balanced diet, chicken provides the body with essential nutrients.


Take a look at 5 benefits below!



High in Protein

Skinless chicken is high in protein with an average portion containing half of an average woman’s daily requirement.


Low Fat & Saturated Fat

Skinless chicken breast has less than 4% fat so is a great choice for those watching their weight or cholesterol level.


Naturally Low in Salt

Chicken is naturally low in salt and with its low-fat content fits perfectly in a healthy balanced diet.


Valuable Source of Vitamins

One portion of chicken contains half of our vitamin B3 (niacin) requirement, needed for a healthy metabolism and to release energy from the food we eat.


Valuable Source of Minerals.

One portion of chicken provides us with a quarter of our selenium requirement needed for a healthy immune system.


What is the correct portion size for chicken?

One serving is 50-75g cooked lean meat – approximately half the size of the palm of your hand.

To maximise the health benefits of meat, include wholegrains and
a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables at the same meal.