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Nutrtional Benefits of Lamb

As part of a healthy balanced diet, lamb provides the body with essential nutrients.


Take a look at 5 benefits below!


High in Protein

An average portion of lamb contains 50% of the protein an adult needs in a day, this helps you grow, strengthen and maintain your muscles.


Naturally Low in Salt

Whether you are watching your blood pressure, heart health or just want to eat healthily, remember fresh lamb is naturally low in salt.


Contains Vitamins & Minerals

Lamb is high in vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 which are needed for normal metabolism and nerve function.


Pump some Iron!

The iron in red meat such as lamb is the most easily absorbed form of dietary iron which is an essential ingredient in healthy blood to carry oxygen around the body.


Boost your Immune System!

Lamb is high in zinc. Both zinc and iron have important roles in maintaining a strong immune system.


What is the correct portion size for lamb?

One serving is 50-75g cooked lean meat – approximately
half the size of the palm of your hand.

To maximise the health benefits of meat, include wholegrains and
a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables at the same meal.