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Nutritional Benefits of Pork

As part of a healthy balanced diet, pork provides the body with essential nutrients.


Take a look at 5 benefits below!



High in Protein

Pork is a great source of high quality protein. 

All age groups need protein to grow, develop and maintain healthy muscles.


Keep it Lean 

Lean pork only contains 4% fat!

With less than half of this being saturated fat, lean pork keeps all the family lean and keen!


Naturally Low in Salt

Whether you are watching your weight, blood pressure, heart health or just want to eat healthily, pork is a great choice!


Contains Minerals & Iron

Lean red meat is one of the best sources of easily absorbed iron, in fact it is up to seven times more easily absorbed than the iron in most other foods.

It also contains zinc and is high in selenium, both of which are needed for a healthy immune system.


Source of Vitamins Galore!

Pork contains all eight of the B group vitamins needed for a healthy body, especially for energy metabolism and brain
function. It is also a source of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.


What is the correct portion size for pork?

One serving is 50-75g cooked lean meat – approximately
half the size of the palm of your hand

To maximise the health benefits of meat, include wholegrains and
a plentiful variety of fruits and vegetables at the same meal.