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Beetroot has been eaten since Roman times and by the mid-nineteenth Century it had become a very popular vegetable. Beetroot is usually boiled, baked, braised or pickled in vinegar. Red beetroot originated from Beta vulgaris, which is a native of Southern Europe. A red-fleshed round or cylindrical root, it can be used as a freshly cooked hot vegetable or eaten cold with salads. Beetroot is a good source of Vitamin C and folic acid.

Nutritional Value


Nutrient   Raw Cooked Pickled
Energy kJ 154 195 117
  Kcal 36 46 28
Protein g 1.7 2.3 1.2
Carbohydrate g 7.6 9.5 5.6
Fat g 0.1 0.1 0.2

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