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Previous COVID-19 Webinars

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Readiness Radar Brexit Briefing Webinar

Bord Bia’s Readiness Radar is a risk diagnostic tool which assessed the food and drink industries challenges across six key areas: Covid-19, Brexit, Challenges to Market Diversification, Sustainability Pressures, Consumer Insights & Innovation and Talent Management. 

This webinar took a deep dive into the Brexit findings and key implications for manufacturers. The future trading relationship with the UK is driving high levels of uncertainty and volatility for the Irish industry, and therefore should continue to be addressed as a priority. Over the course of the next six months manufacturers must activate and implement their Brexit plans in readiness for the end of the transition period. Bord Bia supports will provide you with guidance on each step of the decision-making journey to help you mitigate against any risks posed by Brexit.

Estelle Alley, Market Specialist and Brexit Lead GB, Bord Bia presented the Brexit results, and outline the key takeaways and Bord Bia supports. She was joined by Louise Byrne, Head of Brexit & International Trade Division, Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine. Louise shared DAFM’s insights and communication strategy as the industry approaches 31st December 2020.

Readiness Radar Sustainability Briefing Webinar

Bord Bia’s Readiness Radar has played a vital role in enabling food and drinks manufacturers to prioritise and assess mitigation measures for the key risks that the sector is facing.

Bord Bia has launched a new risk diagnostic tool assessing industry challenges across six key areas: Covid-19, Brexit, challenges to market diversification, sustainability pressures, consumer insights and innovation and talent management. 

This webinar takes a deep dive into the sustainability findings and focus on key learnings for Origin Green members.  Were joined by guest speaker Niamh Boyle, Managing Director of The Reputations Agency to discuss how sustainability can help build company reputation.

The Immediate Future for UK Hospitality & Foodservice 2020/2021 with Simon Stenning

Bord Bia London team in partnership with leading analyst and strategic advisor Simon Stenning hosted a webinar to provide Irish suppliers with an deeper understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on the UK Hospitality and Foodservice channel. Simon’s new report, ‘The Immediate Future for Hospitality/Foodservice, 2020/21’, delivers a comprehensive forecast of the market for the next 12-18 months.

This webinar focuses on the key outputs from this report and implications for industry. The topics covered include:

  • The key industry impact drivers in the immediate future
  • How can and should these drivers be managed across the    seven sectors of the UK’s Eating Out market landscape as the industry re-emerges, and recovers.
  • Deep dive into the granular forecast of outlets and turnover for each sector, by HY 2020 and FY 2021

Market Understanding : The US Distribution Channel

This webinar titled ‘Building Knowledge and Understanding the US Grocery Distribution Channel’ along with featured speaker is Rachelle Radcliffe, Director of Brand Development for KeHE Distributors US explored the US distribution landscape.

With more than 5,500 employee-owners and a 16-distribution centre network across North America, KeHE are one of the largest and most respected national fresh, natural & organic and specialty food distributors in the US market.

UK Economic Outlook, Impact on Trade & Consumer Sentiment with Covid-19 and Brexit Perspective

As the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry has demonstrated an enormous ability to absorb and respond to the shocks and stresses presented by Covid-19, it is clear a common understanding has emerged that the ‘new normal’ is utterly different to life before Covid-19, and as we move towards the end of the Brexit transition period.

This webinar will be presented by Bord Bia’s Estelle Alley, GB Market Specialist, and Klara Lynch, GB Insight & Planning Specialist. It focuses on the most recently reported economic outlook for the UK market, including the impact on trade across Retail and Foodservice, as well as implications for Irish manufacturers and their UK customers. A summary of the latest Thinking House research on the GB edition of the Future Proofing Toolkit will also be presented, which tracks and traces behavioural shifts identified since the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions.

Practical Steps for Risk Management Post COVID-19

This webinar was delivered by risk experts from Aon which provided practical tips on risk management for the Covid crisis. It provided advice and checklists for attendees, focusing on protecting people and safeguarding assets.

Topics included understanding Government advice on return to work, managing the changing operational environment, and business continuity.

Whitepaper on the Irish Foodservice Market

The purpose of this webinar is to present findings from a White Paper on the Irish Foodservice Market, currently being compiled by Bord Bia and Technomic market researchers. While acknowledging the clear and ongoing damage that Covid-19 is having on foodservice, it is important to begin thinking about how the industry will ultimately open up. The objective of this White Paper is to evaluate potential changes in the short, medium and longer term and to help foodservice operators, distributors and suppliers to begin developing strategies based on scenario building.

The webinar will be co-presented by Maureen Gahan, Bord Bia Foodservice Specialist and David Henkes, Senior Principal, Technomic.

Brand Forum - Creativity in Crisis

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How to Win - Evolving Your Strategy in a Rapidly Changing World

This webinar explores some key factors of a commercial marketing strategy that will put your business in the best position to emerge stronger after the Covid Crisis.

We look at how to win; whether your value proposition is still relevant; and how can your marketing objectives and marketing plan work harder to support your strategy?

Brand Communications: Adapting to a New Reality, 13-May-2020

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Evolving Where to Play and How to Win

This webinar is the first in a two-part series that will look at evolving your Commercial Marketing Strategy, helping you to make informed decisions on where best to play and how to win business in 2020 and beyond.

It will help you to:

  • Realign ambitions for your company to the current reality;
  • Assess how markets, and consumer needs, are evolving and how your business can best adapt to them and to anticipate future developments; and
  • Make informed decisions on where to focus – which markets, channels and customers will deliver the best opportunities to your business in the medium term.

Part two of this webinar series will look at how to win; is your value proposition still relevant in this changed world, and how can your marketing objectives and marketing plan work harder to support your strategy?

This webinar will be presented by Eileen Bentley and Stephanie Moe of Bord Bia’s Capability Development team.


The Supply Chain: Assessment of Shipping & Container Challenges on Global Trade Routes

Recognising the severe challenges in terms of shipping capacity on a number of global shipping routes, Bord Bia has teamed up with global supply chain specialists Drewry to deliver a webinar to explore the current shipping and container capacity availability on major trade routes, expected developments during the rest of 2020, cost implications for Irish exporters and recommendations.

The webinar consists of a presentation by Drewry followed by a questions and answers session where participants had an opportunity to get the views of Drewry in relation to their own particular challenges.


Covid-19 & The Irish Foodservice Market

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the effect that Covid-19 has had on the Irish foodservice market since Government restrictions and social distancing measures were put in place. It will examine innovations from foodservice operators and distributors on the domestic market, and likely further developments in the short to medium term. It will also share examples of Irish food and drink producers that have had to adapt their businesses in the face of lost revenue from hospitality customers.

The webinar is presented by Maureen Gahan, Bord Bia Foodservice Specialist and Evelyn Garland, Co-Founder of Simply Fit Foods will share the story of how she has transitioned her business over the past four weeks.

Think Digital Google Analytics Webinar

This webinar will teach you how to master Google Analytics so you can measure your website's performance and monitor your digital campaigns to achieve maximum success. We will be joined by Adam Hetherington, Measurement and Attribution Lead of Google Customer Solutions UK & Ireland.

E-guide attached.


Future Proofing - 66 Days Later Webinar

There are many unknowns in relation to the world after Covid-19 and how it will emerge, both economically and societally. This will be influenced by whether this is a “one-off” or a recurring phenomenon, the duration of the pandemic, and the legacy it leaves in its wake.

The team at The Thinking House have been tracking 'early indicators' on how consumer behaviour is changing through the crisis and have been measuring these changes through a nationally representative survey of Irish consumers over the past fortnight. This research will provide us with the first clues as to what is really changing in consumers' worlds and how likely those changes are to 'stick'.

We know from research work completed by London University that it takes 66 days for a habit to form. That's why we have titled this webinar 66 Days Later - a first look at how the world of the consumer has really changed.

This webinar was presented by Rory McDonnell, Bord Bia and David Cullen, Opinions.

Farmer's Markets: Adapting Your Business, 24th April 2020

The purpose of this webinar is for producers who sell at Farmers Markets on a regular basis to explore other opportunities to reach their consumers as well as ensuring they are best prepared to go back to market when they re-open. 

The webinar was presented by Gillian Willis (Small Business Manager, Bord Bia) and Margaret Hoctor (Experienced Farmers Market stall holder)

Dairy Market Analysis Webinar, 23rd April 2020

This webinar is focused on assessing the effect Covid-19 has had on the global dairy market. Key areas of interest for the Irish Dairy Industry include EU market analysis, US market analysis, and pricing analysis. The webinar was hosted by Mary Morrissey, Senior Manager for Dairy at Bord Bia along with Christophe Lafougere and James Caffyn, consultants at GIRA Food.

Business Continuity During Covid, 23rd April 2020

Covid-19 implications on global meat markets, 21st April 2020

Senior analysts from Gira present the latest research on Covid-19 impacts for the meat sector, including:

  • Current coronavirus situation
  • Chinese market update and outlook - the first country out of the initial phase of Covid-19
  • Impacts across other key Global Markets: focusing on the EU and USA
  • Immediate short-term demand impacts and longer-term impacts over the coming 18 months

UK Market - Managing Supply Chain and Customer Relationships during Covid-19

This UK focused webinar shared an an overview of the UK Economic and Grocery outlook, what the Bord Bia GB team are hearing from UK Customers as their immediate concerns and a look into potential changes the industry might experience in the more medium to long term.

The Webinar was hosted by Estelle Alley, GB Market Specialist at Bord Bia and Dave Howorth, Executive Director at Scala Consulting, one of UK’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancy.

Think Digital PPC Webinar, 16th April 2020

This webinar explores how best to use Google Search and Display advertising as a way to drive online sales of your products. It shows how paid search marketing can add to your overall digital marketing strategy.

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Supply Chain & Logistics Webinar, 14th April 

This webinar guides you through the latest Supply Chain and Logistics insights from the UK & international markets covering issues such as demand changes, critical points in the end to end supply chain, and key actions that suppliers are and should be taking. Delivered by Dave Howorth, Executive Director Scala Consulting and Finbarr Cleary, international Vice President at CILT, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Business Continuity During COVID

The presentations cover; payroll supports, protection from creditors, finance supports and cash flow management. It will also address supply chain and logistics issues. The webinar was presented by Padraig Brennan (Director of Sectors, Bord Bia), Brian McEnery (BDO- Corporate Finance Partner) and Carol Lynch (BDO- Trade).

Buyer Engagement Webinar, 9th April 2020

Think Digital eCommerce Webinar

The webinar will guide you through what you need to know about using online platforms to sell your products direct to consumer. Appropriate for all Irish Food, Drink and Horticulture companies we will guide you through some of the basic principles to take advantage of this growing sales channel.

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Think Digital SEO Webinar

This webinar will show you how to improve your website's visibility online through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This webinar is designed for all Irish Food, Drink and Horticulture companies looking to understand the fundamentals of SEO.

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