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What is SuperBrands?

SuperBrands is a Bord Bia service aimed at smaller, high-potential clients helping them thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. SuperBrands helps companies to better understand the consumer context of their brand, the category in which they compete and find a relevant and compelling proposition for their brand, with consumers in Ireland and the UK. This work is led by a brand and consumer insight specialist from the Thinking House using workshops and interactive sessions delivered online or on site at the client’s premises.


What's Involved? 

Step 1. Commercial Marketing Strategy Review         

On the SuperBrands programme clients learn the key components of developing a Commercial Marketing Strategy.

  • Are they in the right channel?
  • Do they have the right product to be successful?
  • Who is their ideal customer?

The objective of SuperBrands is to encourage clients to stop and think about where they are with their marketing strategy before launching straight into a developing a new brand. Are they in the right channel?  Do they have the right product to be successful? Are they thinking about their competitive set as it is now and as it will be in the near future? Once it’s been established that a new brand is required or an existing brand needs to be refreshed the client moves on to Step 2.

Step 2. New Brand Development or Existing Brand Refresh

  • Groundwork: This is a deep dive into the brand’s market and category as well as reviewing competitors and channel using Bord Bia’s extensive library and information service. The objective is to clarify who the core consumer target is and the brand's core proposition.
  • Packaging Design*: The output of this component is a design brief for the brand based on what has been learned to date. The client chooses a design agency from our shortlist of some of Ireland’s leading food and drink product design agencies. The agency will generate alternative creative design proposals in response to the brief. We use consumer research to test and validate the design work.
  • Consumer Research: 4 groups of 6-8 consumers are recruited to match the brand’s target consumer profile. An experienced researcher moderates these focus groups to better understand their attitudes to the category and competitors and test the potential propositions and new design routes for the brand. The client and design agency receive a full face-to-face debrief of research findings as well as a final report to help finalise the visual ID most likely to be successful.

Step 3. Launch

During steps 1 and 2 it will become clear which Bord Bia Client Capability programme is most suited to activating the new/newly redesigned brand.  Clients will be guaranteed a place on the next most relevant programme e.g. Think Digital, Category Management or Export Strategy. We can also help clients connect better with other Bord Bia services like market study visits and lead generation.


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