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Smaller Irish food and drink companies operate in a fast changing and highly competitive market place. SuperBrands is a Bord Bia programme to help such companies grow and thrive against bigger competitors by understanding the consumer context of their brand, the category in which they compete and finding a relevant and compelling proposition for their brand with consumers.

There are Three Components to Superbrands:

Good Thinking

You will work with a highly experienced marketing professional who will guide you through the entire process from initial issue identification to final design. Starting with the Groundwork stage of understanding your market and category as well as reviewing your competitors, we will work with your team to clarify who your core consumer target is and what point of differentiation your brand might have for consumers.

Creative Design

We will write a design brief for your brand based on what we learned from the Groundwork we conducted. You can choose one from our shortlist of design agencies with whom you wish to work. The creative agency will generate alternative creative design proposals in response to the brief. We will use consumer research to test and validate the design work.

Consumer Research

Using consumer research, with consumers recruited to match your target consumer profile, an experienced researcher will probe with consumers to better understand your category and competitors and test potential propositions for your brand. Your team will get a full face-to-face debrief of research findings as well as a final report.

At the end of SuperBrands you will have:

  • A better understanding of what your brand is about: Who it is for? What is its point of difference for consumers?
  • A design that best expresses your brand’s essence
  • Brand Guidelines which will guide all future marketing activity for your brand

Who can avail of SuperBrands?

  •  Food, drink or horticulture companies who are manufacturing in Ireland
  • With a turnover between €100,000 and €5m
  • A team committed to engaging in all stages of SuperBrands
  • Have a current listing in either retail or foodservice
  • Have an ambition to grow their brand


You pay €5,000 – this covers all three components of SuperBrands:

Good Thinking led by an experienced marketer to guide you through the entire process, design brief, creative work and design development by an experienced food and drink design agency right to finished artwork*. A full understanding of your category, competitors and brands from your target consumers point of view

*Note: design stage includes all design work from initial creative ideas and post research refining up to final design including finished artwork of one SKU. If you wish to extend the design to other SKUs / applications a quotation for this can be provided.

For any queries or for further details please contact superbrands@bordbia.ie