Customers around the globe recognise that Irish food and drink is world class: that it is high quality, distinctive, and made by a diverse range of creative producers from a unique and fortuitous island location.

Our producers set the global standard in sustainable production – meeting the responsibility we all have to the planet, to society, and to future generations.

We have everything we need for a better, more sustainable food system. There has never been a better time for the Irish food , drink and horticulture sector to set an example for the world.


Our Purpose

Our purpose,helps to bring priority, focus and inspiration to the unique reason why Bord Bia exists. Our role is to play a significant part in the sustained success of Irish food and drink while we carry a huge sense of pride in the sector’s produce, its people, its place and its progress. Our focus is on supporting and enabling our clients (producers and farmers) so that they can be at their best, bringing Ireland’s outstanding food, drink and horticulture produce to the world.

We see our purpose as the guiding star for us during the period of 2019-2021, our reason for being to help clients achieve their goals.


Strategic Objectives


1. Driving Success & Growth in the Market


2. Insight to Power Growth


3. Building a Reputation for Growth


4. Leading Through People