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Consumer Lifestyle Trends

Setting the Scene:

The World in 2021

2020 is likely to be considered one of most unpredictable years in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, nations closed their borders and people were ordered to stay at home to fight against the virus. People stockpiled everything from toilet roll to pasta, restaurants were forced to close and people were confined to their homes.

Meanwhile, social justice movements gained momentum – from Black Lives Matter to political protests in countries ranging from Hong Kong to the US and Thailand. We also saw Extinction Rebellion continue to march against climate change.

During the pandemic, people were forced to constantly adapt and readapt as restrictions changed. It’s created a desire for balance across the board – from checking privilege and ensuring marginalised voices are heard, to improving work-life balance and reconsidering the impact hectic routines have on people’s minds and bodies.

Amid so much change, it can feel difficult to guess what’s next as people look to recalibrate their lives. To help, we’ve laid out the key Consumer Lifestyle Trends that will impact food and drink moving forward.

An Introduction to the Consumer Lifestyle Trends

An Introduction to the Consumer Lifestyle Trends

Explore the Macro Trends

We have identified 5 Macro Trends impacting the world of food and drink. They’re manifestations of large-scale socio-economic forces and evidence of shifts in how people behave and make decisions about their health, identity, and habits. Within each Macro Trend, we have identified Micro Trends - which are more granular manifestations of this behaviour playing out.

Macro Trends


To help you shift insight into action, we have developed a toolkit of 7 resources. You can use them all for a full planning session, but you can mix and match these based on which you feel are most relevant to the opportunities you are addressing for your business and your brand(s).

Toolkit Cheat Sheets

These cheat sheets used in conjunction with the toolkit provide useful stimulus for workshops or any kind of trends team work. While you can download and use yourselves, please contact the Thinking House for more material and support.