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The Soaring Importance of Sustainability Strategies 

22nd March 2021

Cait Murphy, Origin Green, Bord Bia

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Sustainability is becoming more important across all industries in Business- especially in Food and Drink. The creation of Sustainable Development Strategies is necessary to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With the population of the world growing exponentially each year, we must ensure that there is sufficient Food and Drink supply for all. 


Not only does prioritising Sustainability in business have societal benefits, but the economic benefits for companies are also prevalent. According to research carried out by Smurfit Kappa alongside the Financial Times ‘83% of businesses describe Sustainability as a business opportunity to be exploited.’ 

As the consumer demand for more sustainable products rises and the expectations of corporate responsibility is held at as higher standard than ever before- implementing a Sustainability Strategy is ‘becoming a business imperative, rather than a competitive advantage’ and it is possible to strike a balance between Sustainability and Profitability. 


Origin Green helps companies embark on their Sustainability Journey by implementing targets and accelerating the ability to meet them. The need for Waste Reduction in operations has the biggest influence in Sustainability Strategies and this is a mandatory target in the Origin Green programme. To ensure companies have the required knowledge to set appropriate packaging targets, Repak hosts a series of Sustainable Packaging Clinics to give companies the knowledge to make their packaging more Sustainablethese targets and reductions can in turn create savings from good practice and increased efficiency.  


Sustainability Strategies add Values 

Strengthening your Environmental, Social and Governance propositions creates greater reputational value for your company. Consumers are increasingly looking at the values and positive social impacts that a company holds and are demanding transparency around Sustainability actions. Origin Green provides companies with a framework to develop your companies Sustainability Strategy and the third-party verification of your progress against the goals you set out. 


 Sustainability is Here to Stay 

In the research carried out by Smurfit Kappa on how Sustainability is reshaping the everchanging business world, 82% of companies see Sustainability as a long term investment rather than a cost. The need for Sustainability is not going anywhere any time soon and it will only be accelerated with the increased awareness of Climate Change and the aftermath to come of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


It has never been more important to create and initiate a Sustainability Strategy. 


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