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How Deliciously Ella Succeeded With Health Aware Younger Consumers

04 November 2019

Lauren Sneyd, Library Assistant & Information Specialist, Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board



This FoodAlert will discuss how Ella Woodward the creator of the brand ‘Deliciously Ella’, found a niche in the UK market with her plant based snack products, and how Irish suppliers can learn from Deliciously Ella’s success.




It started with a blog, as Ella Woodward needed to make dietary changes in order to combat Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome in 2012, cutting out processed foods, sugar and meat, from her diet, sparking the concept of the brand. The first products were a range of vegan and gluten free energy balls.



This method of diet was a success for Ella, as she began to share her recipes in her blog finding an audience with health conscious consumers.



In a matter of three years the brand has gone from a blog to include cookbooks - the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time (The Taste, 2019.), a deli, app and a podcast. The range of products has gone from two to over thirty products, launching in the US market in October 2019.



How has the brand succeeded?


Brand Messages:

The brand targets health conscious consumers by emphasizing the plant based, vegan and gluten free claims with consumers replicating the recipes at home through different channels such as cookbooks and social media. “We test all our recipes through our app, our cookbooks and our social media. We then bring the ones that our community love most to supermarket shelves around the UK and Ireland to make plant-based living a little easier and a lot more delicious.” (Deliciously Ella, 2019).



They use social media to foster engagement between the brand and consumers as according to Brand watch, “There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram with 80% of users following at least one (Brandwatch, 2019)”. Instagram acts as Deliciously Ella’s central form of marketing, with the brands having over 1.5 million followers.


The brand also generate consumer interest with their bright and colorful packaging and innovative flavors. According to Mintel, consumers want to see innovative flavours and textures in their food “Flavour remains an important feature of new product launches as innovations which offer originality or newness can allow brands to engage with consumers on multiple levels” (Mintel, 2019). Deliciously Ella rides the wave of this trend by catching consumer’s eyes on a busy supermarket shelf with their packaging and also their choice of ingredients.






“People still identify strongly with the traditional snacks of crisps biscuits and chocolate. Overall the study highlights a gap for a range of new healthier options not just identified by product but also by price, format, size and the creation of a clear and transparent language within the category” (Bord Bia, 2018) (1). The brand combines innovative and unique flavours and flavour pairings, with healthier ingredients adapting to this gap in the market resulting in increased success.



The brand highlights the small amount of ingredients in their products as consumers are looking for more natural food in their diets. “Increasing consumer appetite for alternative to products perceived to be unhealthy drives growth of solutions reshaping our overall diet” (Bord Bia, 2018.) (2)




What can Irish suppliers learn from Deliciously Ella?

  • Social media is a powerful marketing tool, especially when targeting younger consumers as it enables brand growth, helps build a strong relationship with consumers, and can help the brand build a loyal following globally.


  • Consumers are increasingly looking for more natural products with fewer ingredients. This strategy has worked for other successful brands such as KIND a healthy snacking company.


  • Innovation is key in terms of flavor appealing to consumer’s sense of adventure by experimenting with unique combinations designed to taste good as well as capture and hold consumers interest.



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